Girl Guitar creator and instructor, Mandy Rowden is Austin’s  Powerhouse of Country music.  We caught up with her to learn more!

Thank you for your time today.  Please share with our readers the latest news of Mandy Rowden!

What have been your greatest achievements in 2019?

2019 has been a year of teaching! I moved my school, Girl Guitar, for the first time in 11 years and kicked off a new chapter in a new space. Along with that the program has grown in leaps and bounds and I’m (happily) running in circles to keep up with all of it. Between teaching and administration duties, I’ve been writing songs and am always working on getting better and better on the guitar, so that will all be coming together soon for a new album in 2020.

Where are you headed for 2020?

In 2020 I’ll continue teaching and will start recording my fourth studio album….details coming soon! In the summer I’ll hightail it out of Austin for the hot months and spend them in and around Montana and the West Coast playing music and hiking the National Parks.

Please tell us about your latest musical releases and upcoming events!

The last album I recorded came out in 2018 (When That Day Comes, Howlin’ Dog Records) and the buzz around it has slowed down, although I still love playing the songs.

What is Guitar Girl?  How do we get involved?

Girl Guitar is the women’s guitar school I started in 2007, combining my love of music, wine, and fun. Classes range from picking up a guitar for the first time to joining full bands in a rock camp setting, and everything in between. Almost all the classes are for women 21 and up, although we open them up to kiddos and men sometimes as well! You can find everything you could possibly want to know at

Where can we follow you on line?

All the usual places! My music is on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more, and I’m also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can link to all of these easily from

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?  

Just to thank them for supporting music and the folks who make it! It’s a wild world out there and support from music lovers means a ton. Rock on! Turn it up!

End of Interview