In this week’s episode of The Rhonda Swan Show, Rhonda had a chance to speak with Stephanie Jaie –  Mindvalley Certified Business Coach, certified Somatic Sexologist, and international bestselling author – whose life purpose is to bring people into radical self-responsibility and embodiment of their wealth and desires. Stephanie activates this pleasure potential within people, creating safety and providing guidance to follow this energy into ultimate business and impact success. Her unique mixture of new-age somatic training and traditional academic education brings individuals back into the body as a means of creating your dream reality. Stephanie is also the co-founder of The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy

Rhonda Swan: Let’s talk a bit about you and what you’ve been doing with the Prism Institute of Quantum Alchemy – It’s been only two years since the company launched, and it’s already having a big success. 

Stephanie Jaie: The Prism Institute of Quantum Alchemy is an esoteric leadership school. What we are doing – is taking esoteric principles and spiritual things like manifestation of mindset, but much further into the realm of Hermetic Magic, Egyptian Tantra. We are working deep with energetics, quantum mechanics and metaphysics, and bringing that into the leaders of tomorrow. So that you can move through and beyond just not just by working hard and having that mission, but also doing it in a way that’s in alignment with Universal laws. 

When you do that, things like intuition happen very naturally – everything just clicks, performing and doing day-to-day activities becomes so much easier, you don’t feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill anymore. 

That’s a big passion of ours – to be activating the change makers of tomorrow and making them more accessible to the world. And the best way to do this is to give them the tools that sages and mystics have been using for years, which is basically – magic.

Rhonda Swan: This is such a great topic! Can you share with us some more about manifestation – how people can use it to create this flow?

Stephanie Jaie: There is one of the challenges that we see so much in the manifestation, New Age, and neo-spiritual community. For example, when me and my partner first started traveling, and we were traveling around the world, we would stay primarily in spiritual communities, because we’re we wanted to be around the people that are manifesting, and that are in this spiritual energy. 

When we moved to Bali, it turned out that we intentionally did not choose to stay within those communities, because we found that there was a lot of flowy spiritual bypassing that’s actually not effective. 

I think just helping people stay stuck is another version of escapism, but it has a spirituality label on top of it, and that’s really not how it works. 

Manifesting requires a lot of actual effort. It’s not a primarily feminine energy. Yes, the receiving is a feminine energy, but there’s also a very masculine container that is required.

We live in a world of duality, and for anything to work in the Universe, you need to have both energies. So there also has to be a masculine energy of a spiritual aggression with yourself and your mindset.

Rhonda Swan: Can you tell me more about that? I really tuned into that word, because it’s very on point. 

Stephanie Jaie: Being spiritually aggressive and disciplined with yourself is not so much about “I’m just going to wake up and be in the flow of the day and allow the currents of energy to take me”. It’s about waking up and saying: “Okay, I’m gonna get up at 4am, and I’m going to have these practices and I’m going to be relentless with my mindset”. 

Relentless mindset has been a huge piece of my transformation as well, and I think it’s important to be fully spiritually aggressive with yourself. 

You don’t let any negativity or that ego-games grab you. It’s about allowing yourself to be in that energy of spiritual expression. That’s where massive transformation happens. 

Rhonda Swan: Stephanie, can you tell me more how you arrive at this idea of wealth and sexuality or pleasure? Many have connected it to mindset and to spirituality, but what’s your take on how that all wraps together?

Stephanie Jaie: It’s really a personal unfolding of how things manifested in my life. I also had a very corporate masculine background, and through a bunch of different intuitive hits, ended up evolving that into a rock bottom moment. 

It was the day when I had achieved this wonderful job in the tech industry, making more money than everybody that I know. Then my boss approached me and said: “You have to buy a cell-phone so that anytime you’re on vacation, we can call you”. And I was like “How about no, thanks?” – So we ended up. 

Since then I had been getting this intuitive pull and learning to follow my intuition, doing a lot of mindset work for a while. Me and my partner ended up taking the opportunity to launch a retreat business together, through a lot of intuitive pulls and trusting intuition. 

That first retreat was sold out in six weeks, and we didn’t have a business yet. This is what really got me thinking – I had to have an audience, I have to have had a business for 10 years, before I can run a retreat, it has to take a year to plan it. Everything in the logical world has taught me this. 

But what if I’ve just broken all of those rules? 

And that was the death of my corporate career with the fully masculine energy, but then COVID happened, so there were no more retreats. 

We needed to pivot again, so I tapped into my intuition – and it seemed very counterintuitive at the time – let me go try the Tantra and sexuality space. And the more I played in that area, the more I played in that energy – the more I discovered – the more everything lit up in my life.

Rhonda Swan: What would be your advice for entrepreneurs, especially in America, or Canada, or North America, who do want to lock that power of pleasure and abundance – how do they work this into their daily life and find balance?

Stephanie Jaie: I don’t believe in the “pushing yourself off a cliff” approach. It’s all about baby steps and reasonable integration within your life. 

So the very first piece – is recognising that we cannot manifest more money or the success that we want, if we do not believe we’re worthy of the pleasure-based things we want to buy with that. 

Think about it: Why do you want more money? Why do you want success? Because you want to go on this luxurious vacation or you want to have a bigger home? That’s a pleasure-based desire. If we don’t think that’s valid for our lives, we’re never going to be able to create the money or the success to buy the thing that we think we’re not worthy of having. That creates too much cognitive dissonance. 

It’s very important to reframe that piece in your brain and allow yourself to come back to realize that the whole reason you are doing anything is so you can experience more pleasure. 

Then you need to pay attention to how to bring more pleasure in your daily life. 

Tantra talks about moving energy – even just when we’re just enjoying our favorite food, or just coming into complete and total presence, and really feeling your body. 

Then we go to the deep gratitude and enjoyment for this present moment, allowing yourself to experience the pleasure. 

Allowing yourself to work with energy is going to create a really massive transformation in your life. Most of the people think that Tantra it’s all about sex, but it’s really just the spiritual science of energy.

Rhonda Swan: You talk about purpose activation. Can you tell me what is it that, and how even the most skeptical people achieve that?

Stephanie Jaie: Purpose is who you are being, not what you are doing. We get really caught up in this idea that the purpose is, for example, being a teacher or being a doctor, or whatever the case might be. The truth is – I’ll just use the example with women, because this is an easy example – when you decide to take a year off because you want to raise your children, are you no longer in your purpose because you’re not being a teacher? Of course not – that’s just a cycle of your life, it’s an evolution of your purpose, it now evolves into something different. 

It’s really hard for us to be in our purpose. If we’re not turned on, if we’re not lit up by life, we’re not excited to wake up every morning. We’re just going through the motions and doing a job that we hate, answering text messages all day, literally living life on autopilot. That’s not your purpose, but that’s also not a pleasure-based life. 

Follow your pleasure as what is lighting you up in this moment and who you become will naturally be your purpose.

Rhonda Swan: I love the work that you do and I am so excited about you being part of the next Intuition book. Can you tie a little bow on it, why you’re so inspired to be part of this book, and how this message is going to bring forward to those that are going to read it?

Stephanie Jaie: I grew up as a person being very much in my masculine and not allowing my intuition to come through, being very structured by logic, and not even allowing my emotions to express. 

Living in that way, and then learning to evolve my intuition and seeing that everything I have desired and knew I was meant to have, was on the other side of me – actually tapping into my emotions and allowing myself to be in that state of pleasure. 

While doing that, my life completely transformed.

I travel the world now. I run this amazing, multi six figure business – and it’s only two years old – making way more money than I ever made in corporate. 

I actually get to take months off and go to ayurvedic retreats in India – I am literally living my dream life. Never could I have created this until I started stepping into my intuition.

I wish I had had an example like me – that’s why I’m so excited to share about it in the book. 

Your pleasure is your birthright, it is also your power. So lean into it.

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