R&B singer-songwriter Devin Hailey drops his new single/music video, “Kick It 2 U,” via JT Entertainment.

“Kick It 2 U” is the latest in a series of dazzling releases by the Hailey family this year, following on the heels of Kayla Tiffany and Sakoya Wynter.

The song’s genesis occurred at a studio session Devin just happened to be at. Having lost a loved one hours before, the day had been less than auspicious. Yet when he got in the studio along with Mike Smoov and Blaq Rose, Devin’s muse took over, resulting in “Kick It 2 U,” a song about the fire of love and the luxurious thrill of romance.

Even though Devin lives on the East Coast, the music video for “Kick It 2 U” was filmed in downtown Los Angeles on a warm, sunny day. The video opens with Devin singing and grooving on top of a building, with L.A.’s skyline appearing in the backdrop. Then the visuals shift to a split screen, displaying the gorgeous young woman responsible for Devin’s passionate feelings.

Then the setting switches indoors, where low lights interspersed with bright spotlights reveal the remarkable beauty of the young woman, simultaneously exotically alluring and immersed in voluptuous sophistication.

As the visuals proceed, the allure only intensifies, taking on a mesmerizing life of its own.

“Kick It 2 U” travels on a smooth, potent rhythm full of sensuous undulations delivered by a cavernous rolling bassline and crisp drums. The flow of the music drips with cool energy, stylish and lusciously suggestive.

Devin’s voice, rich and relaxed, infuses the lyrics with smoldering desire, while his on-screen presence projects magnetic charisma as he woos the object of his affection.

“Let me kick it to you baby / Let me hit you with that good love / You’re the one I’m thinking of.”

The melody blend lush savors of rippling R&B with hip-hop-lite flavors, generating music tumescent with emotion and Devin’s polished flow. Cashmere harmonies imbue the song with swanky textures tip-toeing on the brink of svelte opulence.

The combination of silky R&B and posh visuals provides “Kick It 2 U” with throbbing intimate tangs, all capped by the upscale tones of Devin Hailey.

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