Isibella Karnstein is taking over the world of entertainment with her online magazine which is the first ever online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kittenplay lifestyle, and her increasing popular podcast, “The Hourglass with Isibella” available worldwide on Spotify.

“The Hourglass with Isibella” encompasses mysteries, esoteric, occult, history, the paranormal and more.  “The Hourglass with Isibella” is a freeform podcast with 60 plus episodes on a variety of interesting topics.

What drives you?

I am driven by the goal to constantly try to improve myself and others around me through experience, education and growth! I am also driven by the desire to inspire others and create beautiful environments for people to dress up and express themselves in!

Are there any experiences that you draw on when you want to impress someone?

I generally try not to immediately go for the goal of just impressing someone, instead I like to put my best foot forward by showing people around me the potential I can put forth into the world and in turn show them the potential they can express into their lives!

What advice would you give baby Isibella knowing what you know now?

If I could give myself any advice it would be to be a little kinder to myself. I think I have been so critical of myself energetically and emotionally that it has been at times crippling. Instead, I’d tell myself to take a step back and breathe. I strongly believe at the end of the day if your intentions are good all will be ok. Just keep being you and be true to yourself and those around you.

Who are your greatest influences and why?

I have a couple, but one of my main female influences would have to be Elizabeth I, she was a great Queen of England who overcame the  odds, several assassination attempts and not to mention she never married despite being told to many times! She worked hard for the people and her time was one of prosperity and growth, often known as the “Golden Age,” I find her life to be a great source of inspiration and strength. 

What do you think your strongest attribute is?

Ironically, I think simultaneously my strongest and weakest attribute is my kindness. It has both helped and damaged me. With that said it is something I would never let go of or give up. Kindness is imperative to all that is good in the world, without it there would not be much of a world to live in! It is so easy to be filled with jealousy, insecurity and hate, we have all felt it, but at the end of the day no one is happier for it, ourselves included! 

When you’re hosting your podcast what are some of your favorite topics to speak about?

I honestly really love talking about history and philosophy, I think there is something beautiful about discussing the past and all the memories and stories it contains! Likewise, I love talking to people about their own interests and experiences! That is the great thing about doing interviews, of course we also discuss relevant and up to date topics such as politics and movies. Ultimately it is a melting pot of all sorts of topics and ideas, there is honestly something for everyone in there, so if you have not had a moment to listen, I would highly suggest checking it out. 

Are there any new projects you are working on at this moment?

Currently the main focus is the podcast, that and organizing New Orleans for this year! Doubling down on that podcast has been a lifesaver during a time of pandemic, it’s also a great escape from the difficulties a lot of us face during this particular time in history! I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given over the years and that I am still able to express myself and have people who want to hear it, I am incredibly thankful for the listeners we have. 

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