Singer/songwriter Hutch delivers a smooth and buttery performance on his R&B banger “Situationship.” With strong vocals, relatable lyrics, and a slick beat “Situationship” revitalizes the R&B genre. “Situationship” is the perfect song for the Summer months, with it’s effortless melodies and catchy lyrics you’ll wanting to be blasting this track with the windows down. Seth James Hutchinson is the man behind Hutch, he’s spent the last 4 years songwriting and laying the groundwork for collaborative projects that are a part of his record label, Hutch Down Records. “Situationship” is a powerful and honest reflection on people who aren’t ready to get into serious relationships. Hutch expertly paints a picture of a dynamic most of us know all too well, making “Situationship” one of the most relatable and addictive songs I’ve heard all year.


Immediately, Hutch’s voice grabs me and doesn’t let go until long after “Situationship” is over. His voice is strong, smooth, and even, making the vocals of “Situationship” sound buttery and effortless. There’s an ease to Hutch’s vocals that make his voice so dreamy, he never sounds like he’s pushing his voice. This quality makes his performance feel relaxed, like he’s reflecting on the past even though he’s over it. This perspective is what makes “Situationship” feel so familiar and relatable. It feels like Hutch is one your friends telling you about his relationship woes. “Situationship” is a heartbreak ballad masquerading as an R&B track. Hutch sings about how girls are around for a good time, not a long time. Often using Hutch for money or to do what they want, rather than being with him because they like him. This balance between the melancholy subject matter and velvety melody is what makes this track so compelling. Hutch’s performance is so cool and breezy that its only on the second listen that you realize how heartbreaking “Situationship” is…but it also makes you go back for more.

The melody instantly hooks you with his clean production and downright groovy nature. Hutch’s vocals are the main event. They’re isolated at the forefront of the beat and backed by a dreamy synth drumbeat. There’s a moodiness and inherent sultriness to “Situationship” that make you want to sway even if you’re sitting down. Even though it isn’t crazy upbeat, it leans into the hypnotic quality of R& B that makes you want to dance low and slow. It also doesn’t get old, which makes you want to hit replay the moment its over. The more I played it the more I wanted to hear it again. Hutch incorporated everything we loved about R&B in the early aughts with his own personal style, making “Situationship” feel both modern and nostalgic. It has this energy to it, that makes you feel cooler as you listen to it. Perhaps it’s Hutch’s performance rubbing off on the listener or the overall tone of the song but “Situationship” has the ability to remind you of your own power.

“Situationship’s” lyrics is where Hutch’s artistry comes in loud and clear. Hutch didn’t set out to make a generic R&B track that the masses could throw on and groove to, he made something personal. It’s in the lyrics that his personal touches and admissions elevate “Situationship” to another level. The lyrics,“Because every time you holler, its about a damn dollar” and “I’m tired, these girls don’t give a damn about me/Tired of these bodies all around me” sum up what Hutch is over. He’s tired of fake interest, being used and led on, and isn’t afraid to say so. The lyrics are clever and performed with feeling, ensuring that you always know how Hutch feels about what he’s talking about. “I’m actually below the rocks, I’m livin’ in Hell” is where you realize how deep cut “Situationship” is. Hutch isn’t afraid to go there and isn’t doing it for dramatic effect, he’s being honest. He sings of regret and feeling like he should’ve known what these girls were after in the beginning, emotions all of us can relate to. Hutch’s artistry is the most pronounced trait of “Situationship” making it irresistible and infectious.

If you thought R&B was dead, Hutch is here to remind you that its only just beginning. With honest and focused lyrics and a sensual melody “Situationship” is a knockout single that promises Hutch a bright future. “Situationship” speaks to the soul, so no matter what state your love life is in you’ll find something to relate to on this track. I cannot wait to see what else Hutch has up his sleeve and what collaborations he’s been working on at his record label, this is only the beginning of him. Hutch’s songwriting skills combined with his rich voice and crisp production make “Situationship” the go-to track of the Summer. Don’t miss “Situationship,” out now!

Garth Thomas