There is not one person on the planet who didn’t have their face rubbed into the world this year and who is not sorry to see it pass into a bad memory….However for many there was a brief moment of creativity conjured up out of the darkness, and artists gave voice to words unsaid. Joy is not felt less exquisitely because the moment flies by quickly. What is Joy if it goes on unrecorded? In honor of those artists who provided mankind some happiness and temporarily vanquished the demons of 2020 and erased a dark spot in the tapestry of our lives, we salute you. On behalf of the Hollywood Digest and in the spirit of success we have shared accomplishments with the wider world……

2020’s Best Music On Earth:

2020’s Best Radio Hit On Earth

“Blinding Lights” By The Weeknd

2020’s Best Indie Hit On Earth

“Chapter Il” By Ian Guerin

2020’s Best Pandemic Song On Earth

“Living In a Ghost Town” By The Rolling Stones

2020’s Best Indie Pandemic Song On Earth

“Silent City” by The FMs

2020’s Best New Artist On Earth

“AniMaze X”

2020’s Most Popular Radio Artist On Earth

“Post Malone”

2020’s Most Popular Indie Band On The Earth

“The PondHawks”

2020’s Most Likely Solo Artist To Make It In 2021 On Earth

“Rich Nana”

2020’s Coolest Commercial Artist On Earth

“Billie Eillish”

2020’s Coolest Band or Group On Earth


2020’s Coolest Indie Artist On Earth

“Leland Sklar”

2020’s Coolest Indie Band Or Group On Earth


2020’s Most Likely Band Or Music Group To Make It In 2021

“The Immediate Family”

2020’s Best Cover Artist

“Rocky Kramer”

2020’s Best Commercial Music Video On Earth

“WAP” by Cardi B feat. Megan Three Stallion (dir. Colin Tilley)

2020’s Best Indie Video On Earth

“Thinking About It” Rich Nana (dir. Giles Green)

2020’s Best Latin Commercial Artist On Earth 

“Sebastian Yatra”

2020’s  Best Latin Indie Artist On Earth


2020’s Best Music Warriors On Earth

“ReW Starr and The Rewlettes”

2020’s Best Indie Hip/Hop Artist On Earth

“Twizm Whyte Piece” 

2020’s Best Books On Earth:

2020’s Best Memoir On Earth

“From The Projects to Profiles: A Memoir” by Mickey Burns

2020’s Most Soulful Book On Earth

“Einstein, Michael Jackson, and Me: A Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock and Roll” by Howard Bloom

2020’s Most Outrageous Coffee Table Book On Earth

“Everybody Loves Me” by Leland Sklar

2020’s Best Novel On Earth

“The Girl in the Letter” by Emily Gunnis

2020’s Best Science Fiction Book On Earth

“Elsewhere” by Dean Koontz

2020’s Most Entertaining Book On Earth

“Waiting For Adam: Interviews and Obsessions “ by Eileen Shapiro

2020’s Best Self Help Book On Earth

“If I Could Tell You Just One Thing” by Richard Reed

2020’s Best Cook Book On Earth

“Rockin’ Recipes for Autism” by Kenny Wilkerson 

2020’s Best TV/Radio Shows To Indulge in On Earth:

2020’s Highest Rated Show On Earth

“The Joe Rogan Experience” host Joe Rogan

2020’s Best Talk Show On Earth

“Profiles with Mickey Burns” host Mickey Burns

2020’s Most Outrageous Show On Earth

“The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell” hosts Jimmy Star and Ron Russell

2020’s Best Mainstream Rock and Roll Show On Earth

“Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” host Elvis Duran

2020’s Most Up and Coming On Earth

“Movie Reviews and More” host Brian Sebastian 

2020’s Best Lifestyles Show On Earth

“Lifestyles with Dr. Mobi” host Dr. Mobi

2020’s Most Interesting Interview Questions On Earth

“The Adventures of The Pipeman“ host Dean K. Piper

2020’s Most Relaxed Show On Earth

“Ask Mike” host Mike McDonnell

2020’s Best Themed Show On Earth

“You Really Shouldn’t Have” host James Warwick

2020’s Most Likely To Explode in 2021 On Earth 

“Rick’s Place” host Rick Wakeman

2020’s Best TV Short Form Show On Earth

“The Simonetta Lein Show” host Simonetta Lein

2020’s Show To Watch Out For in 2021 On Earth

“If These Walls Could Talk” host Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Tym Moss

2020’s Best Rock Show On The Earth

“Louder Than War Radio” host Nigel Carr

2020’s Most Sought After Show On Earth

“The Mike Wagner Show” host Mike Wagner

2020’s Most Hard-Working Host On Earth

“Smoked Meat” host Brad Pittman

2020’s Most Professional Questions Asked On Earth

“Heavy Chump” host Jason Maddox

2020’s Most Laid Back Show On Earth

“Radio Memphis” host Ric Chetter

2020’s Most Awesome Named Show On Earth

“Freakin’ Awesome Podcast” host Anthony Boese

2020’s Best Up and Coming Female Host On Earth 

“Everything Sparkle” host Sparkle Soojian

2020’s Most Vivacious Host On Earth

“Meet Me For Coffee” host George Rock

2020’s Most Dazzling Show On Earth

“Hollywood Red Carpet Radio Show” host Deborah Cheney-Perkins

2020’s Most Rockin’ Tech Show On Earth

“Bionic Buzz” host Steven Sievers

2020’s Best Rap Host On Earth

“Fcr 247 24/7”  host Twizm Whyte Piece

2020’s Most Comedic Show On Earth

“Open Micer’s” hosts Jacob Craig and Jason Robbins

2020’s Light-hearted Show On Earth

“Verbal Shenanigans” host Scott Brennan and Mike Burlew

2020’s Best Youth Podcast On Earth

“Good Times With Gabe” host Gabriel Evan

2020’s Best Fashion On Earth:

2020’s Top Model On Earth

“Angel Dixon”

2020’s Most Demanded Model On Earth

“Inka Williams”

2020’s Most Popular Fashion Designer On Earth

“Miuccia Prada”

2020’s Top Fashion Influencer On Earth

“Simonetta Lein”

2020’s Top Sweetheart Model On Earth

“Sherry Nelson”

2020’s Wildest Virtual Concerts/Benefits On The Planet

2020’s Most Star Studded On Earth

“SohoJohnny Presents the Let Me Help Star Studded Charity Event – producer John Velasco, SohoJohnny and Andrew Cole

2020’s Loudest Virtual Concert On Earth

“Post Malone’s Tribute to Nirvana A Benefit for the World Health Organization“- producer Post Malone

2020’s The Most Rising Talent To Watch For In 2021

Rising Actor- Steve Hamm

Rising Actress- Florence Pugh

Rising Singer- Conan Gray

Rising Rap Artist-Rich Nana

Rising Heavy Metal Band-AniMaze X

Rising R&B Singer-Ian Guerin

Rising Soul Artist-Lucky Daye

Rising Punk Band- Meet Me @ The Altar

Rising Country Artist-Ashlie Amber

Rising Commercial Model-Sherry Nelson

Rising Podcast Host-Wendy Stuart Kaplan 

Rising Runway Model- Matt Fall

Rising Authors- Joan Didion