INGLEWOOD, CA — The Los Angeles Rams hosted along with the Los Angeles Food Bank hosted their annual ‘Taste Of Rams‘ event at SoFi Stadium on a warm evening that featured several food items, appearance by fans, Rams rookies, COO Kevin Demoff and the honorary chairman of the event Cooper Kupp.

Just a couple of hours before many football fans including Kupp saw the unfortunate Achilles injury to New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, that sidelined him for the game.

Prayers out for A Rodg man,” Kupp said on Monday night. “It’s an unfortunate occupational hazard in this business. I’ve certainly been through it more than I wish I had to deal with it, but that’s just what you have to go through. You put your body on the line and the guys who play lots of snaps per years are more exposed than other guys.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Rodgers suffered a season ending torn Achilles injury to his left leg. Kupp is currently out of the Rams starting lineup due to a lingering hamstring injury. He was placed on injury reserve that will have him miss at least the first four games of the 2023 season. He sustained during an August 1 training camp practice and aggravated approximately two weeks ago. Not only can the injury be devastating, but the rehab can be just as demanding and grueling. Kupp has suffered through injuries prior while overcoming the odds and returning to the field.

“So many guys who came back from injury that set the standard in terms of that rehab, coming back doing some incredible things after injuries that have inspired me in times I’ve had to do that same thing.”

Kupp also elaborated on the entire process of rehabbing including what Rodgers could face in the weeks and months ahead towards a full recovery. Based upon his experiences and watching other players embark on that journey, the road is rough at moments yet the reward is greater if all aligns the way it’s designed to.

Mind, body, and spirit that what a lot of those are about rehabbing. Get your mind right and your mentality right, fix your body and your spirit has to be right when you’re stepping on that field again,” Kupp explained.

As he navigated his way through his injury for Los Angeles looking for a return to the field this season, Rodgers truly has some soul searching to do as he remains in the valley of decision regarding his future as a New York Jets quarterback and in the NFL. If anyone can defy the odds of making a full return in this sport you’d have to bet on Aaron Rodgers.