Americana, Country-Blues combination Suzanne’s Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Suzanne’s career highlights include her recent acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) and her rapid development as an established You Tube artist. The non-genre specific approach to Suzanne’s songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. If you’re looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne’s Band is it!

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So great to have you interview with us! What have you been up to? 
Learning new pop covers! I’ve had an increase in gigs that wanted pop cover songs from the last couple of decades.

Any creative risks you have taken lately that have paid off?

Yes. In learning the Harry Styles song Watermelon Sugar, I wanted to present it in a stripped acoustic format and audiences absolutely love that version.

What would you like to master when it comes to your music?

Knowing what sounds and instrumentation I need to add to make it sound more in line with current production techniques.

Can you take us into the music making of your new music? 

The first day in the studio is usually playing with the guitars, drums and bass to get the basics down and tempos. Next I add extra layers like mandolin, harmonica, keys, pads, strings etc. Last layers are final vocals, harmonies and extra percussion.

Less is more or more is more when it comes to your music? 

I definitely need to do more in all respects on future projects.

Any hidden meanings in your music you’d like to share? 

Not necessarily hidden meanings but stories. Reach You was written because I was mad at my husband and he literally was acting unreachable. Can’t Keep Me Down was written back at a time when somebody thought they had removed me from an area of music I worked in permanently only to find out they were dead wrong. Something Else was written about the frustration of a musician trying to move forward in a world of 1000’s of no’s and closed doors.

Any predictions about your career for next year? 

Hopefully to have more live music videos made and maybe a Latin dance video too.

Is there a dream goal you are daydreaming about? 

I would love to collaborate with someone like Keith Urban who’s been in the upper echelon of this business for a long time.

End of Interview