How would you classify your latest work, what inspired its inception?

It is a memoir of my professional life and the many surprises that occurred throughout.

How long did it take you to complete?

I started it in 2017, completed four chapters and then put it aside for other projects.  I picked it up again during the pandemic and wrote it in about 8 months’ time.  I was not devout in terms of a daily commitment.  It was as I had the time, energy and memory that I went at it. 

Who are some of your top 5 authors or writers you look up to & admire? 

It depends on the subject matter.  Of late, I have been reading much non-fiction for my podcast on social and political trends. I like historical fiction and for that I have turned to Gore Vidal.  I like New England stories, as a born and bred resident of Connecticut.  For that I read Richard Russo.  Walter Mosley is my go- to for mysteries.  For great works, I have an affinity for John Steinbeck.  Pat Conroy is always a good read, as is Denis LeHane.

Why do you write?

I have written one book.  I consider myself a broadcaster who happened to write about a subject with which I was intimately familiar—my career which offers some guideposts for others and some great stories.

What’s the biggest take away you want your readers to come away with after reading your latest work? 

I want them to sense that careers are not pre-ordained and that fate and the people you meet along the way will help you find your path.  Trust in your instinct to believe what they tell you about your potential, even if you are not fully convinced.

How is the writing/reading scene in your locale?

I’ve met so many Connecticut authors at the book fairs and readings I’ve done in my state.  I am so impressed with the range of these writers, from science fiction to romance to children’s books.  It’s been a great new community to consider myself fortunate to have become a part of, even if it is just in this moment.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Harper Lee

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

I love to express myself in all ways, particularly in songwriting these days.  It’s just another format that I have tried and enjoyed.  The book has a 4.6 star rating out of 5 on Amazon so I guess some others enjoyed my rather idiosyncratic approach to may storytelling.

How have you evolved as a writer over the last year?

I think I appreciate the value of great editing more than I ever did in the past and the precision and discipline necessary to write well.

If you could meet, have dinner, have a drink with anyone (writer/non-writer) (dead or alive) who would it be? 

Abraham Lincoln

What’s next for you? 

More songs, more podcasts, maybe trying my hand at a screenplay or maybe going back to radio.  As I describe the phase I’m in, I call it casual employment.



End of Interview