We are speaking with Daniel Sobieray today! Let’s dive right in, Can you tell us about yourself? Where you started and where you are now?

Hi everybody! Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I started modeling towards the end of college. I got the opportunity to model in Europe and around the world. I was 23 years old and very interested in traveling the world and modeling was a great to do that. In 2010 I was offered a role on the soap opera All My Children which was filming in Los Angeles and allowed me to move to LA to continue to pursue modeling and acting. After working on All My Children for a year and a half, I fell in love with acting and Hollywood and the entertainment business and decided to make Los Angeles my home.

We would love to hear more from you about your role on Days of our Lives?

All My Children was cancelled after running for 34 years, so about six months later the same casting director that hired me for All My Children offered me pretty much the exact same role on Days of our Lives. I accepted it and had a wonderful time learning by being on set several times a week with very experienced actors. I was on Days of our Lives for about a year and a half before I decided not to renew my role because I wanted to go out and explore other areas of acting and producing.

What would you say sets you apart from others in the industry?

Honestly I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, but that’s okay with me because I just get up every day and try to enjoy the ride. I don’t take myself too seriously, maybe because I grew up in Colorado and was interested in sports and outdoor activities. I still feel I’m relatively new out here and at this craft, so I just try to learn something new every day and try to be grateful for the overall journey.

You have amazing style! What is your favorite clothing item you own?

Right now my favorite clothing items are my bandanas I have to wear every time I leave the house…

Tell us where are can find you on social media and connect with you?

I pretty much am just using Instagram these days- @danielsobieray, come say hi. You can also search Google, IMDB or YouTube my full name, Daniel Sobieray, to see my past, current, and future work. Thanks!

For Press Inquiries:  [email protected]

End of Interview