Karen Bower is an advocate of positivity, inspiration, laughter and kindness, as is the author of the new book titled “Loving My Addict: A Mother’s Journal.” She has made it her mission to pass on positive vibes to all those she encounters, and hopes that her journal will help others to understand that for individuals struggling to become clean and sober, that “Addiction Overrides Everything You Know Is Right.” 

“Loving My Addict: A Mother’s Journey” is an up-close detailed journal of a mother’s experience of doing everything in her power to help her son who is addicted to drugs, and yet she is powerless to help him end his addiction. Even after several sprints in rehab, relocating to different cities, environments, he’s an addict and she continues to love him. He’s her son, what else can she do?

Karen Bower is the mother of four, Ashli, Benjamin, Gabriel, and Karlena; grandmother to Karsyn, Emersyn, Adilyn, and baby Thomas who’s expected arrival is February of 2020. She also has four grand dogs Oliver, Phoebe, Benji, and Sophie. She lives in Frankfort, Ohio with Tracy Bower and their two dogs William & Scarlet.

“Loving My Addict: A Mother’s Journey”  by author Karen Bower is now available and can be ordered on Amazon here:


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