Thank you for doing our interview!  Tell our readers more about how you got started and where you are located!

I started writing songs when I was 16 years old. I was struggling with social anxiety that kept me from expressing myself.  I discovered songwriting was an effective outlet. 

I am currently located in Lancing, Tennessee

Do you believe in Goal Setting or taking it day by day?

I believe in Goal setting vs going day to day, however there are many days I have to make it through the day lol!  Setting a short term goal as well as a long term goal creates a clearer visual of what you want to achieve. 

What is your strategy for success?

Perseverance and Retrospection. Progressive only stops when you stop trying and being able to look back and recognize what worked and make changes to what didn’t.  

Greatest achievement so far?

My coming EP is a Huge achievement for me. This is honestly something I always wanted, but I thought it was out of reach. 

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