We are so excited to chat with you today Terron! Thanks for speaking with us today! Let’s jump right in – tell us about yourself. How you got started in the industry and where you are now. 

I’m a husband of nearly 18 years to Leilani, father to Andrew, 13 and Taylor, 10. I’m a man of faith who aims to use my God given gifts to change and inspire the world. I try to be a loyal friend and encourager. I’m a self-aware seeker of how I can grow into the best me possible. I love music and good food. I’m blessed to be an actor, singer songwriter, author, motivational speaker, and producer. I enjoy reading, bike riding on the beach, watching movies, outdoor running or hiking and being silly with my kids. I got started after attending a performing arts high school in theatre. And my big break was portraying Eddie Kendricks in the NBC Emmy Award winning miniseries The Temptations. After years of performing all over the world with various artists and on Broadway, I now found myself as a producer, creator of my own music, literature and content. Now with the help of a great team of people, I am excited to bring all of the inspiration to a wider audience in as many ways possible.

You are releasing a new project “The Soul of Broadway”. Congrats. What can you share with us about the project? 

Thank you! I thought about this idea 4 or 5 years ago. I would hear from time to time how some of my creative peers would perceive Broadway as “corny.” I thought how could I create something accessible for all, including those who didn’t share my affinity for Broadway. We wanted to take these iconic songs from musicals and breathe a life into them aside from the characters they were written for. I had a vision of communicating the songs to a wider audience, putting a spotlight on lyrics that are so universal and inspiring. We were rebellious and free with our approach. I wanted to make the songs personal on a soul level. The driving force is making music that uplifts and can be a light in darker times. Broadway is known for telling stories. I wanted to weave mine in these songs.

You have a single out now, “Tomorrow”. How did you pick this as the lead single?  

Tomorrow was the last song I recorded for the album. And it almost didn’t make the cut. So it’s amazing to have it be our first singIe. I think the label, Mercia Records and my team agreed that with everything going on in the world right now, Annie’s Tomorrow has a universal message that would set the tone for what The Soul of Broadway album is all about. Sometimes it’s those simple anthems of hope from our childhoods that remind us how bright our futures can be. 

Do you have any plans for a tour in the coming future? 

Absolutely! It’s the goal to go everywhere including International with our show. Broadway would be the ultimate dream but I also would love to tour colleges across the nation and incorporate and inspire young artists to dream their Impossible Dreams. Things are opening up so we anticipate 2022 being a busy year!

Tell us where we can catch up with you more and get our hands on the new music! 

Keep up with me at www.terronbrooksofficial.com  People can find all of my music including first single Tomorrow on Spotify, Apple ITunes and anywhere digitally they listen to music. I’m on Instagram and Facebook under Terron Brooks. My podcast Honest Answers with Terron Brooks can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts. And the new single will be out this summer!

End of Interview