That man upstairs is doing his routine “loud music in the shower” right now. You two get home from work at around the same time. If you manage to get there a bit earlier, you can enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet. If you don’t, then you get to enjoy a concert. At times, you even like it, that’s some quality music right there. Yet, it tends to get a bit too much occasionally.

Wait until the wife gets home as well. Oh, man, you’ve never met a woman with such loud steps. In fact, you haven’t met this one either. That allows you to picture her as a 10 feet tall monster with enormous legs. You call her Bigfoot.

Plus the kid, oh my God! It’s the most annoying little brat that whines and whimpers whenever he doesn’t get his way. You would think that a 10ish-year-old wouldn’t be such a nuisance. I mean, they are not so little and helpless anymore. And guess what he wants for his upcoming birthday? A puppy!

The parents are against that idea so far, but you know they will cave eventually. Just like they did with the guitar for Christmas… That kept him happy for a couple of months. A couple of loud, loud months, that is…

Still, his guitar lessons are nothing compared to the constant, meaningless arguments between mom and dad. Last night, for example, there was an ongoing discussion about whether it’s pronounced meem, or meme. This went on for quite a while. You’re with the wife on that one, it’s definitely a meem.

Enjoy The Show?

Sometimes, it feels like your very own, private sitcom. Sure, you cannot see them, but the color of their voices coupled with your imagination allows you to picture them perfectly. Yet, most days, you wonder whether it’s time for some noise reduction & soundproofing solutions. You have developed a kind of resistance towards these people without even having met them. They will never be the neighbours you become friends with.

There is a fair chance that they are actually good and kind people. But, the trouble they cause you while you’re trying to sleep, or simply enjoy the time spent at your place, has made your brain categorize them as the villains of their own show. Three villains in a three-person show…

I really admire you for spending all those months in the apartment without doing anything about the noise. It takes some character to just ignore the problem and let it be. On the other hand, I could also call you a fool for putting up with it. You deserve your own peace of mind.

Sure, you can hear something interesting here and there. But, mostly, it’s just loud footsteps, irritating laughter and similar annoying noises. There is really no need for you to listen to all of that. It’s high time you did something to solve the issue.

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How About A Friendly Conversation?

Among many other things you can do, talking to those upstairs neighbors should be on the list. I know you might not want to get into a conflict. And you don’t have to. If the people are reasonable, they will hear you out and take your issue seriously. It’s not like you are asking them for a huge favor.

But, this is only a short-term solution, trust me. Even if they are the best persons on the mother Earth, they can only keep it quiet for so long. After all, they also have the right to live their own lives the way they see fit. There is no point in blaming them for a thin ceiling.

More Short-Term Solutions

For a good night’s sleep, there are earplugs. Naturally, you cannot wear these all the time. It would be weird walking around your apartment and struggling to hear anything. Plus, even when you wear them at night, there’s always the fear of missing the sound of your alarm clock in the morning and sleeping in, among other things. Check this out.

There is also the option of adding tapestry to the ceilings. This might not have a nice impact on the look of your apartment, but it can be a good short-term solution. Furthermore, you can get yourself a noise machine. That works well for when you are trying to work at home, but cannot concentrate due to the upstairs rumble and jumble.

Is There Anything More Effective?

If you are serious about solving your noise issues in the long run, then you might want to consider insulating the ceiling. Of course, this takes a bit more work, but it’s among the most effective solutions out there. Additionally, it’s a permanent one.

There are a lot of insulating options. Usually, they involve removing the ceiling and installing a specific material that adds mass and density to it. Those materials work as sound absorbents. Upon installation, you will instantly feel the difference and the time spent in your own home will become much more pleasant.

The method of insulation you choose depends on the types of sounds you are trying to block. There are a couple of types that give you headaches. For starters, there is impact sound. This is what you hear when the doors are slammed, or something (or someone) hits the wall and the floor.

Then, there is airborne noise. You’ve heard that a lot during those months when the neighbors’ kid was getting guitar lessons. Furthermore, these include conversations, TV, and any sounds that are transmitted through the air. Remember the “meem, meme” discussion?

The worst of all are the flanking noises. These are vibrations carried through specific surfaces and then appearing in a completely different location from the one they originated in. It’s like they are trying to fool you and make it difficult to discover the actual source. In any case, when you decide to insulate your home, it’s best to contact a professional to do it properly.