Raising kids as a pioneer in your industry may be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Nevertheless, as many an ambitious maven will attest, it’s an undertaking wrought with challenges; from the perspectives of time-, resource-, psychological-, and energetic requirements.

How, in the pursuit of excellence, can you hope to equal your success in the ever-enigmatic realm of parenthood? An open mind, a willingness to be wrong, and a simple shift in perspective can take you from zero to superhero in no time.

Facilitate Open Conversations

In a recent interview with Forbes, Mel Robbins – Television Host, Best-selling author, and Motivational Speaker – shared that her willingness to have hard conversations with her teen daughter, Sawyer, formed the basis for strengthening their relationship. 

The importance of good, open communication is echoed by Tarryn Reeves, Best-selling Author, Book Coach, Publisher, and Visibility Expert: 

“Building an empire and being a Mom is a juggle and I don’t always get the balance right. Having an open dialogue with my daughter about real-life struggles and wins keeps our relationship strong.” Providing an environment for communication, especially during times when much of your focus is diverted to building and maintaining your business – along with yourself – is paramount. 

Reeves recounts the biggest lesson learned from her daughter, is to be in the present moment – arguably one of the single most poignant principles of modern-day parenting, in a world filled with distractions, from the office to the home and everywhere in between. 

So At Home As At Work 

“As it is inside of your relationship with your kids, so it is outside with the relationship to your clients and customers”Stefanie Bruns, High-Performance Coach, Quantum Psychologist, Business Mentor, and mother of 4.

Understanding that work- and family-life remain forever intrinsically linked is crucial in cultivating sustained success in Business, while building lasting relationships with your children. If success in business comes at the cost of your relationship with your children – the underpinning motivation behind your aspirations – have you really achieved success at all? This reminder will serve to prioritize your life, devoting due focus to those things you hold most dear.

Bruns adds some sound advice, that while obvious, is often overlooked: “What helps me the most, is making sure that we have enough family time, especially quality time with each one of my 4 kids, and time as a couple as well.” 

Devote Regular Quality Time To Your Children 

Juggling time between work and home can be a constant struggle plaguing driven Moms. An essential strategy to negating the potential collateral effects of busy work life is devoting quality time to your children. A simple matter of scheduling regular, dedicated time to family-only, and even one-on-one time can yield very real results.

From the many businesses, clients, school runs, house chores… something inevitably gives way under the pressure. Sadly it’s often our relationship with our children that bears the brunt. 

According to Karen Whelan, Accredited Psychotherapist, Author, Tantric Teacher, Energy Rising Star Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, NLP Coach & Transformational Therapist; “Having a strong relationship with my kids enriches my capacity to express myself fully in my work. We are a unit built on a code of morals, and values – an energetic system that if operating out of alignment, affects all aspects of all of our lives.” 

Whelan’s Family’s Values, “I see you, I accept you and you matter”, lay a foundation for continued growth as individuals and as a family unit, while allowing for Whelan’s business exploits to flourish.

In Closing

Whilst a challenge, the good news is that building strong relationships with your children is not an insurmountable hurdle. Much of the perceived difficulty can be averted, simply by shifting your attention to sharing regular moments of absolute presence, open conversation, and quality 

shared time with your children. The ensuing thriving relationship that you share, need not detract from your professional endeavors, and may even serve to enrich them beyond measure.

Words Shannon Rose