Beloved veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Thielen or Dr. T as she is affectionately called is returning to TV with her own show, Dr. T Lone Star Vet that premieres an eight-episode run on October 13 at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.

People will remember Dr. T as being a bright, plucky and kind vet who made her bones in Dr. Susan Kelleher’s Broward Avian and Exotic animal hospital practice in Florida and made people fall in love with her on Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER.

And for those who haven’t met her yet, you are in for a real treat.

These Nat Geo WILD vet series are some of the best television programming out there. It has humor, drama and it does what a lot of shows can’t do, it makes people feel better about humanity as a whole.

Dr. T.’s departure from Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER last year was a tear-jerker, however it didn’t feel like this was the last we saw or heard from the beautiful vet from Texas.

Like Dr. K, Dr. T specializes in exotic animals and birds, so it is unlikely that we will see any familiar dogs and cats on her new series, but it is likely that we will see birds, reptiles and all sorts of mammals getting love and care.

Dr. T. brings with her an all-new team of people dedicated to keeping all sorts of critters happy and healthy.

“Nat Geo WILD has followed me throughout my career, and I’m so fortunate that viewers can now share in the excitement of my newest exotic animal adventure. Nat Geo WILD’s commitment to showcasing each authentic, chaotic and touching moment is the reason I continue to call the network home,” says Dr. T. “I look forward to taking viewers to my home state for a Texas-sized dose of reality.”

Some things we have to look forward to are a turkey with too much testosterone for his own good, a bearded dragon who got a taste for luxury ingredients and some very hungry baby raccoons.

Dr. T, Lone Star Vet is produced by Spectrum Productions for Nat Geo WILD. For Spectrum Productions, where Guy Nickerson and Rick Dowlearn are executive producers. Pam Caragol is executive producer For Nat Geo WILD.

For those of you who love Dr. T, or for those who look forward to getting to know her, stay tuned to the Hollywood Digest for an exclusive interview with her that is coming very soon.

Dr. T Lone Star Vet airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.