Dr. Regina Berkovich, MD, PhD, Neurologist based in Los Angeles has been working with patients with Multiple Sclerosis for many years and she is happy to share that the US Food and Drug Administration approved Mayzent, the first pill studied and proven to aid in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS remains a mystery to many people. It is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system that disrupts the normal functioning of the brain and spinal cord through inflammation and tissue loss. It affects nearly 400,000 people in this country.

The types of MS include relapsing remitting MS (RRMS), the most common form of the condition at diagnosis) and secondary progressive MS (SPMS) and primary progressive MS (PPMS).

SPMS is a debilitating form of MS characterized by progressive and irreversible neurological disability that often causes mobility issues. Almost to 80% of people with RRMS eventually develop SPMS.6

Dr. Regina Berkovich, who was joined by MS patient Paula spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about her career, explained how MS is diagnosed, what treatment options are there, how Mayzent by Novartis works and how to get the support you need if you or a loved one are diagnosed with MS.

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