Looking to jazz up your Christmas playlist? Want to shake things up like a fine martini? The new holiday song “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is the answer to many check lists. The Modern Gentlemen have landed themselves on the ‘hit list’ with their vocal prowess and stellar charm. Their savory voices, laced with upbeat tempo and a faint, but twinkling music bed, opens the listener up to a vibrant sound. Based in Los Angeles, with passport visas from around the globe, The Modern Gentlemen are well-traveled, making them all the more prepared to step through the very crowded Christmas competition.

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In fact, you could almost say they’re ready for any season. The Modern Gentlemen, individually boast impressive Broadway, television, cruise line, backing a who’s who of musical legends and more on their resumes, have toured as The Four Seasons (backing singers) for the legendary singer/actor Frankie Valli for over a decade. The Modern Gentlemen are Landon Beard, Todd Fournier and brothers Brian Brigham and Brandon Bigham.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/you-make-it-feel-like-christmas-single/1540683455?i=1540683911&ign-gact=3&ls=1

Each of them sing, and when you hear the words I can’t imagine a better gift, the sentimental sirens are all going off. Their porcelain voices, the kind that chase the ghosts of Frank Sinatra, are perfect accoutrements to the holiday season and songs such as this. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” has just whispers of a jazzy music bed, but the upbeat tempo is sure to make you feel like you, too, are ready for the holiday. The snow is falling and the scene is set – the favorite time of year, this song has some darling lyrical moments. The music current running below is champagne-dipped piano, big-band era-like trumpets, and a dewy electric guitar, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” conveys a happy world.

The Modern Gentlemen, who worked with songwriters Mike Krompass, Robbie Nevil and Steve Diamond, stay within their range, and their voices easily slide or whisk the listener away to the fireplace, the family home or wherever it is that you might immediately think of when Christmas rolls around. I think this time of year we expect certain things from our holiday songs – sometimes that song package comes with a choir. I loved how these four voices came together, and compartmentalize their own roles, and created such a unique sonic experience. We all have a vision of what Christmas means to us, or what it sounds like. It’s not an easy thing to create something new and establish a new memory. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” has the makings to compete with the classics – from Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”, to Wham’s “Last Christmas” to Andy Williams’ “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”  – The Modern Gentlemen take all that has endured for many years in tradition and create this new, fresh whimsical sound. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is one of the year’s best, and certainly one of the best additions to the Christmas and holiday genres to happen in many years.

Garth Thomas