Soaring sibling harmonies and an irresistibly fun song just pouncing to be this summer’s “it” song, “We Got The Summer” is Wild Fire’s ticket for a wild ride. Refreshingly honest vocals and a honey-dipped guitar bed, “We Got The Summer” has both a pop and twang sun-kissed chorus. Texas country does it again with this sister duo!


The writers and voices behind “We Got The Summer” are Houston sisters, Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig. The duo’s impressive social media presence boasts thousands of likes and followers, adding to their already remarkable discography. Wild Fire launched in 2016 and the pair has released a self-titled debut EP, and in April 2019, Wild Fire’s dropped their sophomore EP Been There. Among the pair’s s awards are 2018 Josie Awards Female Vocalist of the Year (Young Adult) and nominated for Texas Country Music Association (2018). Not bad for a pair of teenagers.

Country pop fans will rejoice with “We Got The Summer” rhythm and tone. The guitar is sweet like tea, and has this little dance going with a few banjo-like riffs. The drum and percussion feels electric and steady enough for a slow dance out in back, as the sunsets on a perfect day. Lyrically, the song has some cute moments and innocent young love paths. “I never felt like this before, a week ago I never knew your name, crazy how this change, I’m thinking we got this summer” one of the sisters sing. The harmonizing comes in on the chorus “we got the summer” and it’s a double-does of sunlight and breezy tone. There’s nothing like a summer love or a young crush. It’s sweet and so optimistic – as are the vocals in “We Got The Summer”. It’s an infectious chorus. This song is much better than my summer crush song where I had to work at a roller rink and stalker Duncan wouldn’t leave me along with his weirdness. The Iutzwig sisters definitely have a better game plan that my teenager self, and not thinking about working all summer sounds wonderful.

I loved the imagery Wild Fire painted with the line “Red Rocks, front row” and it made me sentimental for live concerts, being outside under the red sun, with pink and blue speckled clouds. This is a song that feels and tastes like summer – it’s like sipping into a cold strawberry lemonade – a bit tart, but oh so refreshing. Everything about this song encapsulates the feeling of love and being outside, at like a county fair, and just enjoying life.

High marks for Wild Fires’ “We Got The Summer”. Fans that are into Luke Bryan, Kelsea Ballerini, Abby Anderson and The Dixie Chicks will definitely want to gear up to listen to this duo. I also have an inclination that fans of Matchbox Twenty, Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow might find this a great addition to their summer playlist. “We Got The Summer” is a fun song! With harmonies as wide as Texas, Wild Fire has lit the fuse for officially kicking off 2020’s summer of songs.

Garth Thomas