“We live in a masculine heralded society…People are praised for what they do and produce.”
There is deep healing in rediscovering intimacy in our relationships. And as today’s female entrepreneurs are realizing, their level of self-intimacy greatly affects their ability to receive and sustain new levels of financial growth. 

The patterns that show up around intimacy with business owners are often a reflection of the health and prosperity that they experience in their business.

Melisa Keenan is the go-to intuitive intimacy expert for the top 1%, who helps high-powered female CEOs use their feminine energy as a 10x growth strategy. She is an International and USA Today Bestselling Author, a Keynote Speaker, a CEO, and host of the Chronicles of the High Powered Female CEO Interview Series.   

After investing nearly $200K in certifications and training, plus overcoming traumatic relationship experiences, Melisa understands the female CEO feeling trapped in the masculine.

As Melisa goes on to share in her latest interview on The Rhonda Swan Show

“We live in a masculine-heralded society, where there’s more emphasis on what you do, and on what you can produce, and on what you can achieve and accomplish. And for me, I found that if people were praising me for what I could do, that meant I was safe.”   

For too long, women have been chasing the cliched successful life, while neglecting the very thing that can bring all of our wildest desires into existence: our femininity. 

“As women, our sensuality has just been so trampled on. Intimacy isn’t all bout sex, but one facet of it is sex and sensuality. It’s not the foundation, but it is the symptom. And if you have a beautiful life and a beautiful relationship, you’re going to be open in sensuality, you’re going to have a great sex life – it just works that way!” 

If we can surrender ourselves to the journey and allow space for our feminine energy to shine through, to bring all parts of ourselves to the surface, we can begin to experience the levels of pleasure we deserve. The growth-edge here is feeling safe in receiving new levels of pleasure. In relation to money, safety informs your ability to receive more pleasure. For entrepreneurs, that translates into aligned clients, more wealth and satisfaction in your work. 

Here are 3 tangible ways you can begin to practice creating more wealth through intimacy: 

  1. Let yourself rest into the relationship you have with your partner: allow him to be himself without mothering him, controlling him or micro-managing him. Let him be himself, in the same way you are exploring your truest feminine expression. 
  2. Rest more: release the bind and attachment you have to over-working and under-resting. More wealth is not sustained from an empty, un-inspired vessel. 
  3. Be led: your man is meant to lead you, to hold you, to be the grounded masculine force that holds your wild, fierce and potent nature. Don’t shut him down when he attempts to be that for you. 

Moving into these practices will demand a level of patience and compassion for yourself as you begin to shed your old ways and embrace surrender. There may be moments where resistance rises and your to-do list creeps into the front of your mind. Be intentional here, lean on your support systems and keep showing up for the renewed and relaxed version of you. 

This latest episode of The Rhonda Swan Show is for the woman who wants to activate her inner-fire and truest nature, to no longer hold back from the pleasure she deserves, and to stop bargaining. 

Join Best Selling Author, International Speaker and World-Renowned Online Brand Strategist, Rhonda Swan who recently sat down with powerhouse intuitive intimacy expert, Melisa Keenan. 

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