wh.t.rbbt.obj, a dynamic musical duo deeply rooted in the lively Chicago music scene and composed of a married couple, is currently causing a stir with their distinct sound. Having recently delved into the tracks from their EP, Whiskey Hotel Tango, I found myself genuinely captivated by the musical exploration they presented. Immersed in Detroit’s garage rock vibe, the duo undeniably channels influences from classic rock and blues, creating a sound that resonates with authenticity and immediacy. What struck me most was the profound emotional depth embedded in their music, a testament to the remarkable vocal prowess of River Rabbitte. Each track serves as a showcase for the versatility of her vocals, effortlessly transitioning between soulful, jazzy tones to the raw power reminiscent of a rock goddess. 

One consistent theme in wh.t.rbbt.obj’s musical arsenal is the robust foundation they establish in each composition. Opting for a relatively straightforward approach, they steer clear of elaborate production techniques, relying instead on traditional instruments such as guitars, bass, drums, and keys. This choice in my opinion enhances the authenticity of their sound, grounding it in the roots of classic musical craftsmanship but also giving it a novel spin in terms of delivery. 

What truly sets wh.t.rbbt.obj apart in some ways is their skill in crafting a cohesive musical narrative. I observed a natural ebb and flow in their compositions, with each track seamlessly leading into the next. For enthusiasts of vintage rock, this duo promises a profound and nostalgic impact. While I haven’t had the opportunity to witness their live performance, the recorded music strongly hints at an experience that is bound to be immensely captivating and engaging in person. 

The absence of synths, samples, or similar embellishments in their songs is a deliberate choice that reinforces the duo’s commitment to an unadulterated musical experience. This authenticity, coupled with their choice of traditional instruments, contributes to the genuine and raw quality of their sound. I’ve heard way too many samples recently used in music and it was nice to hear people actually playing an instrument.

As I delved deeper into the EP, I found myself drawn into the sonic landscape that wh.t.rbbt.obj creates. The marriage of River Rabbitte’s vocals and the duo’s instrumental finesse results in a musical expression that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. The dynamic interplay between the couple not only speaks to their musical compatibility but also adds a layer of intimacy to their work, making each track a personal and shared expression of their artistic vision. 

In conclusion, wh.t.rbbt.obj emerges as a noteworthy force in the Chicago music scene, offering a musical experience that purists will appreciate. Their EP, Whiskey Hotel Tango, attests to their commitment to authenticity and the enduring power of classic and garage rock influences. As the duo continues to carve their path, it’s evident that their impact on the music scene will only grow, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of tuning into their resonant and evocative sound. In the meantime I wouldn’t be surprised to see them headlining a venue like The Metro or Lincoln Hall. Rock on!

Garth Thomas