One of the most professional and intriguing podcasts circulating today is “A Juicy Pear Podcast” hosted by author Wendy M. Kok. Her show is thoughtful, innovative and comfortable. Wendy and I shared questions and answers regarding the onset of her project as well as her future efforts…..

What inspired you to start your podcast and what inspired its theme?

My podcast is a pandemic baby, I wanted to create something that countered all the negativity that was surrounding everyone and everything..

What makes your show different than others?

I have creatives of all kinds on the show. I also like to focus on mental health, and I also enjoy paranormal stuff. I’m all over the place, so there is something for everyone. I believe in transparency. 

What are you hoping for in terms of the show’s future?

I plan on continuing on with creating fun and educational content that is entertaining. I want to help people, maybe they can find some common ground with the guests that I have on..

You are also an author, tell us something about your publication and the motivation behind it?

I’ve always had the writing bug, I just never had the opportunity to foster it. During the throws of parenting multiples, I really needed an escape. Writing provided that..

What’s next for you in all your talented efforts? 

I’m currently working on book no. 3, and I’m in the process of revamping my podcast website..all which takes lots of time and effort 🤣 I’m excited for my podcast and future books 😊

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet what would it be and how would you answer?

Maybe how did you get through living with a father with ptsd, and trying to navigate enough confidence to do well in life. It’s a clique, but your biggest hurdles are what make you as a person..if life has been very easy for you, it doesn’t make you very interesting..

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