Twizm Whyte Piece has just released his new, highly anticipated new album “Independent.”

The multi-award-winning indie hip-hop entertainer, creator of the brand #TwpNation, CEO of TwpFcr247 LLC, which is parent house to Fcr247 radio station & TwpNation Music publishing company, is a devotee of rap craftsmanship. The father of 6 children, Twp has a current catalog and resume of 14 albums, 6 EP’s, 21 singles, almost a million independent streams, multiple music videos, 1 history-making celebrity virtual performance, and 164 stage performances.

Twp’s 12 track album, “Independent” shows off his resonant voice, a breathless delivery, and a sense of frantic determination. He’s a stylist, a slick-talker, concerned both with rapping rings around his peers and making grand statements. Not only does Twp provide some hard-hitting commentary and whip-smart bars on the album, he displays himself as one the best rappers in modern hip-hop.

“Independent” exemplifies what the ideal student of the game sounds like – someone who is conscious of how a verse should be presented, how to control their delivery and how to diversify their lyrical bonds. Twp’s storytelling, lyricism, wordplay and production are all at their peak throughout. Twp came out swinging for the fences with this album, and he hit it out of the park. Every verse is hard, and every beat is perfectly made for him, giving the album the sense of an instantly timeless hip-hop record.

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