Everything about superstar rapper Twizm Whyte Piece’s brand new, just launched album, “Broken Smile” evokes intrigue. From the daunting monochromatic cover art to the magical lyrics Twizm stretches the limits of creativity and searches each and every soul for a tenacious glimmer of hope.

One of Twizm’s finest hours, “Broken Smile” is questioning, hopeful, dark, elastic, and refreshing. “Where Was You” and the video accompanying it is a masterpiece of desperation and want filled with emotion and passion. It’s a musical revelation surrounded by a canopy of night sky’s void of the bright stars that penetrates the sky. There is a brightness and a richness in his music and his rhyme. The song begins with a ghostly laugh and continues as he questions the powers that be. His lyrics come to him from influences, experiences, and the colorful way he perceives mankind.

Twizm fled his home in the US after a drug induced shooting threatened the lives of his wife and children. He and his five children along with his wife are based in Toronto Canada, where he helms a radio show on Fcr247 24/7 radio, while writing his rhymes and recording his hissings. He is a loving husband and fabulous dad who promotes love, light and positivity.

If you haven heard Twizm’s rhyme up until now it’s more than time to check it out. He has a loyal fan base because of his music as well as his kindness……

5/5 Stars

The official website for Twizm Whyte Piece may be found at https://www.officialtwizmwhytepiece.com

Watch the “Where Was You” music video by Twizm Whyte Piece here: