Driven to Drive helps get disabled people driving again

TrueCar understands that the ability to go where you want to go when you want to go there is a value that is important to most Americans. In order to help celebrate our proud men and women who have served our country, TrueCar has joined forces with Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in order to help get more veterans back on their road in their own vehicles.

CeCe Mazyck came from a military family with her grandfather, uncles and mother all serving their country, so joining the U.S. Army Reserve seemed like the right thing to do. After a couple of years, she was called up to active duty and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.

Ce-Ce loved jumping out of planes, however, her life changed when her parachute got entangled with her and another jumper causing them to crash land. She was told that she was paralyzed from the waist down and would never walk again.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she got into physical therapy and got herself physically and mentally ready to carry on with her life and not only survive but thrive. In addition to being a mother and a motivational speaker, Ce-Ce is an athlete.

Ce-Ce Mazyck, retired Army Sergeant First Class and Paralympics javelin thrower spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about her career, how she got injured, what her recovery was like, what she is doing with the Paralympics, what TrueCar is doing to help her and other veterans, why it is important to get vets back on the road and more.

TrueCar and Ce-Ce Mazyck can be found here.