For her show, Rhonda Swan was dedicated to bring on the most interesting companions to talk about changing and shifting the consciousness of this planet, led by tapping into our intuition, and more importantly – really being guided by what we were brought into this planet to do. This week on the Rhonda Swan show was Penney Peirce – an international clairvoyant, empath, spiritual leader, author, popular lecturer and trainer. Penney has worked with Kaiser Institute and the Centre for Applied intuition. She also advises and coaches, businesses and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success. Penny is one of our early pioneers specializing in intuition, development, movement, transformation, inner energy dynamics and expanded perception. 

Rhonda Swan:

Penney, can you tell us a bit about the difference between being intuitive and being a psychic?

Penney Peirce:

I think that everyone is intuitive. It’s a human skill, and it can be so refined, so that you can start to know more and more subtle kinds of information. To me, it’s very practical. Often I find that psychics are very oriented toward finding answers for people about the future or the past, where I feel intuition is very much based in the present moment. I think psychism sometimes is a little superstitious, it can be misleading, it can programme people in a way, and yet, it’s part of intuition. 

Rhonda Swan:

You’ve authored over 10 books, and so many people struggle to even just write one. What can you share with other authors about your creation process, and how intuition plays into that? 

Penney Peirce:

I think that any creative process is almost equivalent to the intuitive process – you are letting yourself become centered and quiet. Sometimes you have a little voice in your head all the time – your left brain, the logical part, needing proofs – and when you get quiet, you stop that little voice, you go into the right part of the brain, which is the doorway into the unified field, or the collective consciousness, or the imaginal realm. 

When you can be quiet and open up into that space, you can access amazing things, all kinds of creative ideas or insights about what something really means. 

Over the years I really have learned to shift into that state. Then I’ve really worked a lot on translating those states, and then I let that go into my left brain, so I can put words on it, but I try to make it as accurate as I can. 

Rhonda Swan:

Yes, I think that the creative process for so many people is what may keep them from actually doing more or creating more, because most may not understand how to actually get a book done. So if someone has never authored a book – how do they even start?

Penney Peirce:

I think the first thing is really to get a good sense of the concept and the message that you’re wanting to put across. Then work on an outline – what’s the progression of the way you want to talk about it and the things you want people to understand. 

For most creative projects you can’t do it all at once. So first write out some titles and get your chapter kind of a sense of what you want to say. Do some research if you need, and play with it. 

I go back over every chapter up to ten times before I finish it. Then I go back over the whole thing, once it’s written, and make sure that it all fits cohesively together. 

It all starts with an internal, non-physical outline in your sense of how you want this thing to feel to people. 

I always ask for help from the non-physical realm, as I call it, the writers in the sky. All kinds of surprising connections come through that way.

I think it’s important to remember that the structure comes from the intuitive. Before the structure can occur, you have to have the feeling of the whole thing. And listen to what it wants to say.

I’ve worked with many corporate people who don’t get that at all, because they gloss over that part of the process and don’t understand how to notice it. 

A big thing with intuition is noticing it. And then you notice how often it is happening on its own, and you can work with it more consciously.

Rhonda Swan:

I know that you work with a lot of celebrities, corporate leaders and business owners. Would you call those patterns that you’ve seen as blocks, that each of them had? Or were there opportunities for growth?

Penney Peirce:

What I’ve noticed with a number of the celebrities I’ve worked with –  there’s just this huge amount of  energy that needs to get out. Also a lot of frustration or shame about it, or different things that have to be overcome, so that the full creativity can go forth. I’ve seen a lot of them taking drugs, because they had to try to regulate their own energy. And that’s their way of thinking until they learn more about themselves. 

A lot of people are just shy and can’t feel themselves very well. They need a sense of presence, so that they start to understand how talented, wise or loving they actually are. 

I think self-entertainment is a very high state. If you’re only complaining, you’re just dragging your whole reality down. 

It’s the idea of being – you don’t have to be productive all the time, you need to commune with the environment around you, because it is you. When you really are in an inner state, and you start to expand out, you include the trees and the birds, and the bugs, and the water, and everything – same energies running through the whole thing. Then you realize that’s the energy of the Self and you are connected to everything. 

It’s so important to have those conscious communion experiences. It also greases the wheels of the creative process.

Rhonda Swan:

I’ve been feeling like during this time of COVID so many people took the time to ground.

Penney Peirce:

COVID was really important, as part of a global process to help people pause and stop the cell phone addiction. When I got COVID, time slowed down so much, and it expanded out. It was so spacious. I think that this period has been for a lot of people to interrupt their previous habits, take a breath and see what’s next. 

A lot of people I have been talking to all feel like they’ve been waiting. And that that something was coming, that was a big expansion of their bubble. 

What if you were 50% more of yourself, and had more luck, or more resources, or more money or more, whatever you needed, what if that became true? 

I have been sensing that but couldn’t see the form, just the feeling. I think that’s often what happens in a creative process. You sense this feeling, and then, if you can stay in that feeling state, your body starts to recognise it. Once your body recognises it, it thinks it’s real. The reality starts patterning itself around you, according to that state. And then it’s not so hard to materialize things.

Rhonda Swan:

Back in the day when I was starting to get into personal development, I was thinking – because my thoughts are things, and I do think about these things – what if that happens? What if I just think about the good things? Then I became very conscious and mindful of just what I was allowing into my consciousness and my mindset.

Penney Peirce:

That’s why I talk a lot about the home frequency. And that is the state of the soul in the body – I am the soul, I don’t have a soul, I’m making a body, a life. 

But only a part of me can get through, because my old fears – so we’re trying to clear the fear away, so that more of who I am, as a soul, can come through my personality and my life. 

I think that’s the whole purpose of the spiritual path, this is why transparency is so important. Intuition is the doorway into all those things. 

We’re living in the spiritual realm now. But we can be very high frequency beings in a lower frequency reality. 

We can start to change the way Matter functions around us by maintaining stability of our home frequency. And of course, we’re going to get around a lot of other people, who are depressed, angry or violent. We’ll hear about it because it’s in the field, but what we look at and pay attention to, is the choice we are making about the vibration we are choosing. 

You don’t have to protect yourself so much as be very conscious about what you’re choosing. All the negativity and awful things are in the field, but if you don’t look at them and pay attention to them, they don’t get activated. 

Attention is the power, what you put attention on – is what comes into form and what you take attention out of, that dissolves back into the energy realm. 

Rhonda Swan:

We are such simple beings and we make things so complicated, because we just don’t want to figure it out and make all these things right. What would you say would be probably one of the best lessons that you’ve ever gotten, that have really helped you pave your path?

Penney Peirce:

If you can just be with the experience, any experience, if it comes up in your reality – it must be there for a reason. If there’s something incomplete in you or something you need to understand a little bit better. So stay with it and work with it, but don’t label it and make it bad or wrong. Then you have a lesson, and understand, but if you don’t understand it, it’ll come back in a slightly different form. 

Trust is the big word. You have to trust the flow of how things occur, and the sequencing of those things.

When you go softer, get quiet and slow down, give it space – things happen faster, you get this elegance of the way things occur.

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