In 2023, keep an eye out for these top successful entrepreneurs that are spearheading the way in which we conduct business. The selected entrepreneurs are in the top of their field with new cutting edge ideas. Take note and study them as they set the stage for business to flourish.

Al Siamon

Al Siamon is 92 years of age. He owns over 24 patents and has created a product called Balance7 with a pH of 11+ that dilutes the acid in your body when ingested. It unlocks the immune system. Nearly every disease known to man is associated with acidosis in the body. He has seen true miracles occur over the last 14 years, including his own. Siamon had a triple bypass when he was 83 years and stage 4 cancer at 89 years. After 5 chemo treatments, he had complete remission. Three months later, he was attacked by three viruses–Covid and two other viruses. He was put in intensive care with a heart rate ranging from 50 to 180 beats per minute.

The attending physician Dr. Nooristani did not think he would make it. His wife brought me my Balance7, after three days of drinking it, he was sent home on the fourth day because he felt fine. Dr. Nooristani was so amazed by the results, he became Al’s partner. Al to date has sold more than 6 million bottles in Africa and the testimonies are quite remarkable. People who used to go to the hospital with Malaria 5-6 times per year, they have not gone to the hospital in the last 8 or 9 years. Al believes that the immune system has cured the body of Malaria and they cannot get the disease again.

Al has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even after his mother was told that he was unteachable at 12 years old and he was placed in a special school for the mentally disabled. After running away from home and surviving on 2 cent deposit from soda bottles, he bought a bus and converted it into a grocery bus, and went to the outlying areas where there were no markets. Eventually, the company he was working for went bankrupt. In the next 6 months, he had 23 jobs, including working as a foreman. He quit my job as a foreman, and opened a machine shop. As time went on, he got a contract from Dashu business to make a Bank of America credit card machine. Other companies tried, it had to be under $15.00 per unit. Al brought it in at $13.00 and received a $25,000.00 check. Al sold the business and went into playing cards for a living.

In 2005, Al started a company called Siamons Int. Al had 4 investors, and maintained 51% of the company. Within 6 weeks we had a trial in 50 Home Depot Stores and within 6 months they were in every Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and True Value across the country.

 In the recent years, Al started a company called Balance7 and he  built a modernized manufacturing plant. The doctors in Africa say it’s the greatest medical breakthrough in the last hundred years. It releases the immune system to fight for people’s lives like no other medication can do for them. Al Siamon. Al has invested millions of dollars to help save lives

Robert Shemin

Robert Shemin has been quoted in hundreds of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and USA Today. He has also appeared on CNN, Fox News, and CNBC, making him one of the most sought-after experts on real estate, branding, and negotiation.

As one of the most sought-after real estate investment experts in the world, Robert Shemin has helped thousands attain total financial freedom for life through his wealth-building strategies, while his charitable work, both at home and abroad, has contributed to lifting distressed communities out of poverty and despair.

The acclaimed multi-millionaire real estate investor has made it his life’s calling to empower others to achieve total financial freedom through real estate. In fact, he has revealed this information to the world in his sixteen highly successful books, including his NYT bestseller “How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?”,  “7 S.E.C.R.E.T.S of the Money Masters”, and “How to Avoid the 75 Most Costly Mistakes Every Investor Makes” to name a few.

Hamid Kohan

Hamid Kohan is an experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in computer software and the Legal industry. Hamid Kohan received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Chico State University at the age of 17 and quickly was recruited to Silicon Valley to begin his High Tech career. While working with several companies in the high-tech arena, he received his MBA in business marketing at the age of 21. Mr. Kohan was involved in several high-profile companies such as Grid Systems where he served as the Sr. Manager of Product Development, working alongside associates pioneering the first ever Laptop computer.

In 1984 Hamid Kohan took his talents to SUN Microsystem, serving as Sr. Engineering Manager, establishing his career in Business Development & Management. Here, Mr. Kohan worked alongside Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and  Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO), as well as many other renowned entrepreneurs. Hamid applied his expertise in business expansion to SUN Microsystems, contributing to the growth of the company from 200 employees to over 13,000 in 8 years. Hamid then moved to Hitachi Computers, Directing Business & Technology Development,  and Culminated his career in Silicon Valley by joining Tandem Computer (HP Computers), as Director of Product Management. 

Hamid Kohan moved to Los Angeles, with the aspiration of expanding his experience in Business and Technological Development. He was recruited in 1999 to run Emblazed Technology (Webradio), a publicly traded company, Serving as Division President. As President, Hamid grew the business by 300% in 12 months, as well as growing the company to a 1 billion dollar valuation. In 2004, Mr. Kohan decided to apply his experience to his own business, co-founding CAPLUCK Inc. Cap60 is now a leading provider of Data Management System with clients in 40 states and the largest provider of services to Not-Profit Organizations in the United States. 

In early 2016, Mr. Kohan applied and expanded his expertise in technology and business development to the legal world, founding Legal Soft Inc. Serving as a provider of Practice Management Solutions, Legal Soft Inc began working with several local Law Firms, achieving growth of more than 100% in the Firms. Legal Soft Inc quickly expanded to assisting several Law Firms Nationwide, focusing in multiple different practice areas including Personal Injury, Employment, Immigration, Business Law, and others. Hamid Kohan and the Legal Soft team pride themselves on expanding law firms from initial sta

Joe Callahan

As the go-to guy for all things technology, Joe Callahan is co-founder and chief technology officer at Veuit, the world’s first web 3.0 block chain media and entertainment technology company.

As a serial entrepreneur and perpetual innovator with a passion for outside-the-box problem solving, Joe strives to help others utilize unfamiliar technology to align their organizations’ processes and goals with the human needs and incentives of their employees. For the last 30 years, Joe has funded over 100 companies across multiple industries all with the common thread of the unfair advantage of the Ciright monolithic core.

An enterprise software system expert responsible for guiding the company’s development extension from the Ciright core overseeing the key Veuit features such as the block chain Player Chain ledger eliminating the creative accounting challenges that have taken advantage of so many in Hollywood.

Driven by an unwavering inventor mentality, Joe leads a development team of over 60 engineers all skilled in the Ciright OS structure and distributed environments. Joe and his team have invested over one million-man hours into the monolithic core technology.

Joe is a graduate of Drexel University and recognized as an award winning entrepreneur. Joe’s awards include but are not limited to the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for technology, the Drexel University Entrepreneur Alumni of the Year, and the Irish American Entrepreneur of the year.

Joe is the author of multiple utility patents which include dozens of CIP patents across multiple industries including Digital Media, Iot, FinTech, and the metaverse.

The quote that drives Joe on his quest to continually deliver innovative technology is, “Nobody is going to hit as hard as life, but it ain’t how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” – Rocky

Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels has been self employed since the age of 23. He started out in the entertainment industry running a club promotion company in Tampa, FL. From there he branched out into the home security industry protecting families all across the country and became the number 1 ranked affiliate office in the United States. His new project is GrillPals which is a grilling bag product sold exclusively on Amazon. GrillPals has quickly become the number 1 grilling bag product on Amazon in 2022 and GrillPals is looking to grow even more in year 2023 with more products and features.

Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson started her path in the technology space managing successful and efficient Marketing, Product and Creative Programs up to the VP level for top tier companies such as Apple, Meta, Salesforce, and PayPal for close to a decade. While coinciding working with and investing in startups and smaller businesses, the experience working with the fortune fifty companies led her to where she is today. 
Currently Peterson is a Founding member of a venture capital-backed startup focused on waste management solutions most recently featured at COP27; Peterson is head of internal operations and product including building out operations, project management to scale, managing communications between product, sales, investor, and government relations. 
Peterson never lost track of her ultimate purpose which is to inspire, create, influence. So much so that she is a personal investor for a startup that is focused on helping humanity to connect deeply with themselves and others while discovering facets of their ultimate purpose and journey to self-actualization, all while building a community based on inspiring and activating people to have a platform to amplify their voice. 
Sarah believes having it all is possible. She is also a firm believer in positive energy, law of attraction, and empowering all people of all walks of life. Most recently Peterson joined a UK based luxury concierge service including travel, private jet and yacht charters (@thejetsetlifestylegroup) that has been featured in British Vogue and Forbes. “My planned trajectory is to build clientele while also spearheading the US recruitment and growing the team.”  

Gregory Zwolinski

Gregory Zwolinski is a seasoned entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for the marine
industry. He is the founder of Hussar Yachts, a Tampa-based company that specializes in
Polish-built boats for the American market. With a degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University and a Masters in Systems Engineering, Greg brings a unique blend of
technical expertise and business acumen to his work. Prior to starting Hussar Yachts, he owned
and operated two successful restaurant/bar venues and worked as an engineer and business
consultant in the oil industry on several high-profile projects, including the deepest pipeline in
the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to his business ventures, Greg is also an operating partner in his
family’s property management and construction company.

Hussar Yachts was founded in February, 2020, with the goal of reimagining the yachting
experience for clients by providing excellent Polish manufacturing while improving both
performance and ownership. Originally starting with just one manufacturer, The company’s
current strategic alliances with several of Poland’s best boat manufacturers ensure clients always
receive a superior product at the best price. Each Hussar boat is built with pride using innovative
technology and only the highest quality materials, making them lighter while increasing its
structural strength. The hulls offer amazing ride comfort, increased fuel efficiency, and more
onboard space for passengers and cargo. The efficient design of the boats allows easy access to
key maintenance areas, eliminating small, tedious tasks and helping clients spend more time
exploring the wonders of the ocean.

In addition to his duties as the founder of Hussar Yachts, which include a wide range of tasks
such as business development, logistics, and compliance with US regulations, Greg is also
deeply committed to marine conservation and sustainability. He has spent seven years
volunteering with the Florida Aquarium, helping with underwater cleanups and marine
conservation as a scientific diver. His ultimate goal is to build Hussar Yachts into a long-lasting
legacy, honoring the tradition of fearlessness and innovation embodied by the elite Polish cavalry
from which the company takes its name.

Simonetta Lein

The Simonetta Lein Show is hosted by Celebrity TV Host and Top Woman Influencer Simonetta Lein. The show brings entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and top executives to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. 

Simonetta’s prominent profile on Instagram has earned her more than 14 million followers, and she continues to grow her following by demonstrating her commitment to making a difference in her adopted city of Philadelphia and all around the world. 

Originally from the north of Italy, Simonetta modeled for Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italy and Cosmopolitan while building a career as a renowned fashion influencer and spokesperson. She’s been a contributor for Vanity Fair Italy, La Repubblica, and La Voce Di New York, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. Her Book, “Everything Is Possible: A Novel About the Power of Dreams,” is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering her peers and herself. 

Chef Ryan Rondeno

Having cooked for some of the most notable names in the industry–Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Common, Tyrese Gibson, Robert Smith, Xhibit, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Will McGinest, LA Philharmonic, and more–it’s no wonder why Chef Ryan Rondeno is taking the shaking up the restaurant industry with his line of cookbooks, spices and rubs, and bringing elegant dishes, bold flavor, and simple technique to the home front. He’s making his lavish recipes available to people across the U.S. as he offers some trade secrets, training through simple technique, tips and tricks, and revealing signature recipes for all ages. With a passion for French, Italian and Regional American Cuisine, his focus remains on local, sustainable cuisine with a strong emphasis on bold flavors—not to mention the love of New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors. Chef Ryan Rondeno can bee seen monthly on ABC morning news and connect to him with his new FoodCulture App.

Umar Ashraf

Born in Pakistan, Umar Ashraf is one of the youngest leading entrepreneurs right now. He has a vast involvement with the business world and a bunch of skills that help him at stock exchanging. While he was still young, Umar Ashraf traveled to America and experienced childhood in New York. Presently residing in California, Umar owns the Stock Market Lab and TradeZella notwithstanding the establishment of Ashraf Capital that launched his career in stock exchanging.

Umar is perhaps the best and reliably productive in this day and age and we should definitely learn from his journey. He was just 18 when he decided to start his own venture and gave his luck a try by putting resources into a property arrangements organization that radically fizzled. Umar looked for direction from brokers to his disappointment and patched up his procedure from bringing in cash to selecting exclusively for progress.

Inga Tritt

The passionate visionary behind Yater Actives’ all-natural, non-toxic beauty mission is company founder Inga Tritt. Tritt and her core values have shaped the beauty brand into a force that empowers all women and actively supports sustainable efforts rooted in environmental consciousness.

She works alongside her father, Reynolds “Renny” Yater, and her life partner, Lauran Yater, who she says are her inspiration and the spirit behind Yater Actives. They both share her passion, and together work to incorporate only the cleanest active ingredients in their products.

The trio is experienced in innovation, originality and creativity, with Renny Yater as the founder of Yater Surfboards and Tritt as a master stylist, brand builder, health and wellness expert, and beauty influencer. Tritt also holds over 20 years of experience in product innovation, brand management and business consulting.

She credited her journey into motherhood as another motivation toward starting her own company when she found a stark absence of organic and effective bath products that she’d trust her own children to use. She then decided to take initiative and create her own products while sharing them with the world. Blending both her professional and personal experiences, Tritt founded the Original Sprout company in 2003.

The Original Sprout is a certified vegan family brand that has a vast range of hair, skin and beauty products. Today, the Original Sprout is an award-winning, multi-million dollar company that sells in stores nationwide including Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods and Lassens.

After Tritt’s work with the Original Sprout, she ventured further into health and wellness to create Yater Actives, a brand that focuses specifically on the health and wellness of men and women.

Dr. Nooristani

Dr. Nooristani is a California State licensed and board-certified internal medicine physician and business entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping others. He has 15 years of extensive experience working as a hospitalist, and he’s involved with various other organizations and healthcare facilities, such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, fitness and wellness programs, and hospices.

As a San Luis hospitalist, he established robust programs to improve patient care. He implemented various projects to improve the quality of care. Since 2008, he has worked around the area at Dignity Health Medical Center, Sierra Vista Medical Center, Arroyo Grande Medical Center, and Lompoc Valley Medical Center, he has served in a different capacity including, quality of care, and medical director positions leading to a significant improvement in overall operation and delivery of care. Dr. Nooristani has also created multiple medical devices for use in patient care—and he prides himself on taking the lead in creating numerous programs to advance patient care in both; inpatient and outpatient environments.

In 2020, Dr. Nooristani became the CEO of Balance7. He has researched and created many health products, including some of the strongest alkaline products on the market today—transforming how we manage chronic medical conditions!

In 2021, he founded O4Nutrition which creates nutritional products exclusively for women, especially when it comes to women athletes. Transforming their body and minds, the liquid oxygen supplement is the only one of its kind in the world.

In 2022, he joined ABC Las Vegas as a health contributor on Health Check with Dr. Nooristani
where he discusses critical topics related to health and wellness. He takes a closer look at
overall health and educates the audience about healthy living. He dissects health-related topics
for the general audience with specific guidelines and directions to improve overall health and
awareness. That same year, he began offering his expertise as a weekly health contributor on
Yahoo where he focuses on relevant and up-to-date topics in health and wellness, lifestyle,
current events related to outbreaks, and preventative medicine among others.

Kesi Gibson:

Kesi Gibson is the founder of Club Debut – which sits at the intersection of creativity and technology. Club Debut is a platform composed of a collection of creative studios, co-working spaces, and business infrastructure services, designed to address the unmet needs in the creator economy from a 360-degree perspective.  Providing creative professionals such as fashion designers, artists, musicians, recording artists, photographers, videographers, content makers, editors, animators etc, business infrastructure, manufacturing and technology support to run a successful business. 

Club Debut is a global platform, with a local impact. A versatile company well positioned to accelerate the economic trajectory of one million creatives; and one billion people in this decade!

Born in Jamaica, Kesi saw firsthand how her family’s business grew from a small mom-and-pop shop that focused on the local market into a thriving enterprise with sales and/or manufacturing in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Her unwavering belief that she could be more to the world than the country she lives in led her to initially pursue dance professionally in a global context. Today, Kesi is a published author, a global impact investor, a seasoned strategic business consultant, and financial services professional with a reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs.

Kesi attributes her career success to determination. Her belief in the human potential; and her commitment to excellence in whatever she pursues. She puts puzzles together to create solutions for businesses in which she invests, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, technology/Web3, and supply chain/logistics. Kesi has founded companies that include KYU BY KESI, Kyu Melange, Club Debut, Casa Debut, Debut Creative Commons, Shipverse, and, most recently, Kalypso Consumer Group. Her investment portfolio of purpose-driven companies actively advances the realm of ethical fashion, responsible manufacturing, and sustainable beauty, with an overarching mission to support a strong creator economy through infrastructure and technology. 

Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Kesi built a formal investment banking career at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and private equity at Veronis Suhler Stevenson. She has worked on various social projects led by impact-driven NGOs like the United Nations, Women’s World Bank, Hult Prize, Changes Lab, Sponsors For Educational Opportunity (SEO), and Children’s Aid Society, among others. Kesi holds a BA in Economics and International Relations, graduating Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College; and a MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In September 2022, Gibson became a published author with a chapter entitled “Web 3 and the Creator Economy” in Adam Torres’ Amazon best-seller, “Mission Matters Volume 8.” In the coming months, Kesi is set to release another book and launch her educational podcast, “Web 3 & me.”

Henry Jan

Henry Jan, the consummate entrepreneur, has cultivated a life embodying these very words. He is the architect of structuring and facilitating over 100 corporate mergers and acquisitions in dozens of industries, including healthcare, cannabis, real estate, logistics, entertainment, and biotech – many of which he ushered into public entities.

Jan is a man shaped as much by his upbringing and beliefs as by his time. Attending the University of California (USC) in the ‘90s, he earned a Bachelor of Science as a Sound Engineer. At that time, both Jan and the world were on the precipice of seismic change, as the birth of the digital age reshaped everything before everyone’s very eyes. 

Whether inspired by this ‘brave new world’ or his own internal drive, Jan started his first business while still attending lectures in USC’s hallowed halls. Latching onto the new digital world, he created a library of digital sounds, noises, and effects that are still used to this day to help filmmakers, radio stations, and YouTubers round out their content with the right sound.

These successes were eventually replaced by a gnawing sense of ‘insufficiency.’ Jan felt that he and the world were ‘missing’ something, and he became driven by this idea. So, six years ago, he started his journey to develop Vezbi – his ‘answer’ to what the world was missing. The actual concept of Vezbi has taken on many forms since its inception and evolved as Jan has tried to find that ‘missing’ something.

Falling back on his personal history and memories of Southeast Asian night markets, along with the desire to bring a cohesive and more organized approach to the digital experience, Vezbi organically grew into a ‘Super App” – one that could appeal to the western digital palate. While many believe the Internet’s anonymity espouses a ‘freedom’ to say anything with zero accountability, Jan envisions a more mature, community-supportive approach.

Jan developed the Vezbi Super App on a foundation of ‘altruistic egoism,’ or the idea that the individual’s ‘selfish’ drive can work to improve the lives of all. This tenet shaped not only the philosophy behind the Vezbi Super App but also Vezbi the (Super) business and the establishment of Project Seva, which aims to help fund 100 eligible non-profit organizations, fully encapsulating the idea: “I win when we win.”

Dr. Amir Marashi, MD, FACS, FACOG:

The “Vagina Whisperer” Dr. Amir Marashi is a board-certified cosmetic gynecologist/pelvic pain specialist licensed to practice in New York, California, Texas, and Florida. He is the founder of Cerē, the first sexual wellness brand with pleasure care essentials developed by physicians. Dr. Marashi is a pioneer in the field of women’s sexual wellness. In an effort to destigmatize female sexual enhancement and pleasure, he authored A Woman’s Right to Pleasure, a 2020 BlackBook release with forwards by feminist icons Erica Jong and Roxanne Gay. He and Cerē’s research and development partner Dr. Kimberly Lovie are widely considered the “Masters and Johnson of the 21st century,” expanding the known realms of female sexual pleasure with doctor-developed products that bring pleasure, physiology and anatomy into harmony. Their lineup includes the first-ever physician-formulated arousal gel featuring a proprietary blend of l-arginine, l-citrulline and chamomile rigorously tested through an original clitoral ultrasound protocol created by the Cerē doctors. 

Born in Iran during the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Marashi encountered the field of medicine as early as 4 years old. He spent nearly every day observing and assisting his father – the region’s only orthopedic surgeon – with triage care for war-torn civilians and soldiers. He went on to attend medical school in his home country, during which time he began receiving multiple inquiries from female patients about hymenoplasty (the restoration of the hymen, which was required to be intact for marriage). Dr. Marashi was troubled by the vastly different sexual standards for women as compared to men – not just in Iran, but across the world. His studies of biomechanics and sports medicine led to a natural shift into an entirely new field: the biomechanics of intercourse. 

Dr. Marashi has since become an internationally-acclaimed OB/GYN, whose decades of experience diagnosing and surgically amending complex vaginal issues earned him the title of “Vagina Whisperer.” His original VagilangeloⓇTM procedure has helped hundreds of patients regain the confidence that comes from a healthy sex life. Through his self-funded International Obstetrician and Gynecologist organization, he helped provide vital OB/GYN care to underdeveloped countries, including during the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. His commitment to advancing and destigmatizing the “taboo” field of women’s sexual wellness has led to international recognition for campaigns such as the (now infamous) Designer Vagina Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week 2017. 

Earning a place at the top of his industry with a heart for helping others, Dr. Marashi has performed hundreds of vaginal reconstruction/labiaplasty procedures (including for victims of female genital mutilation) and empowered thousands of patients to discover/rediscover sexual pleasure. As the founder of Cerē, he joins Dr. Lovie – a Harvard and Yale-trained physician, chemist and engineer – to expand female sexual wellness research, educate women about their bodies, and introduce a premier line of physician-developed stimulation products engineered for the “ceremony of self.” He is also spearheading two new wellness ventures the world can look forward to: ntidote (nutrient-dense functional foods with Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney) and OVO MD (nutritional supplements); both support optimal sexual, physical and emotional health through products formulated to enhance overall wellbeing. 

See why doctors all over the nation are endorsing Cerē essential pleasure products. Shop the full offering at Follow @GetCere on Instagram for sexual wellness tips, sensational product releases, and exciting brand updates. 

Cerē – Enjoy yourself. Doctor’s orders.TM 

Andréa Bernholtz:

California native Andréa Bernholtz is the serial mom-preneur and fashion powerhouse behind the eco-conscious SWIMINISTA brand. Known for co-founding the luxury denim line Rock & Republic in 2002, she helped to transform the company into a celebrity favorite and globally recognized name offering cosmetics, accessories, and clothing. In 2015, she became the CEO of Titan Industries, adding high-fashion footwear to her resume. Her latest venture features chic swimwear that combines her love of fashion, swimming, and the environment.

“I have never been able to find a swimsuit that fits just right,” explains Bernholtz. “If it holds me up, it looks like a sports bra or too old-fashioned. Otherwise, it doesn’t provide the right support and I pop out all the time!” 

In 2019, after speaking with hundreds of women experiencing the same issues, Bernholtz set out to create the solution herself, co-founding the SWIMINISTA collection. Based on her previous work at global lifestyle brand Rock & Republic and first-hand experience with the waste-filled fashion industry, she set out to not only build a better suit but also a better design process. The result is a collection of ultra-comfortable swimwear featuring a soft, luxurious nylon fabric made from post-consumer plastics. Figure-flattering tops, bottoms, and one-pieces can be mixed and matched, offering timeless silhouettes in adjustable, customized fits designed to inspire confidence from size A to DD.

The SWIMINISTA online boutique also makes the shopping experience a breeze. A personalized sizing guide helps customers easily find the right suit for their unique body. SWIMINISTA’s convenient “Try At Home” solution eliminates the soul-destroying try-on process. Customers can choose a selection of suits to test in the comfort and privacy of home, and – true to the company’s environmental values – all orders arrive in earth-friendly recycled, compostable packaging.

When Bernholtz isn’t perfecting the SWIMINISTA line, she can be found spending time with her daughter or sharing industry insights with various publications like US Weekly’s “Fashion Police.” Passionate about the planet, she also regularly coordinates community beach clean-ups and gives time to organizations working to protect the environment, such as Heal the Bay, Oceania, and The Galapagos Conservancy.

M. Patrick Carroll is the Founder and CEO of CARROLL, and a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry. As CEO, Patrick helps define and implement strategic plans designed to further expand all facets under the CARROLL portfolio. As a disciplined investor, Patrick carefully balances acquisitions and dispositions, and has led to $11.5 B in acquisitions and $6.7 B in dispositions of multifamily real estate producing an average gross IRR of 27%.

CARROLL is one of Patrick’s greatest successes, and he remains involved as a hands-on CEO – fostering relationships with not only institutional investors, lenders, and brokers, but also with on-site teams around the country. Patrick credits CARROLL’s ability to attract top talent at all levels – often away from leading companies across industries – and boundless opportunities through an entrepreneurial culture as the key to its continued growth. CARROLL’s leaders combine years of experience with a strong aptitude of seeing the industry in a different light – giving CARROLL an innate advantage.

More importantly, Patrick is incredibly philanthropic, serving on the board of the Jesuit High School Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay and is a member of industry affiliates, donating to more than 50 charities worldwide with a focus on health, wellness, and early childhood development. Patrick strives to be a positive role model for his three sons and seeks to show younger generations there are multiple avenues to success. This commitment has a created a personal mission for Patrick, who has made it his goal to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs to prioritize a lifestyle of health and wellness, while also pursuing their dreams.

Autumn R. StrierMiracles for Kids

Under her leadership as co-founder & CEO, Miracles for Kids has become a significant resource for families in crisis throughout Southern California and beyond, with financial aid and other basic needs programs providing long-term aid 2,000+ families with children battling over 150 life-threatening illnesses and conditions. As the chief architect of all programs and services offered by the organization since inception, as well as its lead fundraiser bringing in nearly $30 million within the last 18 years, Mrs. Strier is a driving force within the industry. She has a proven record of success, with a steadfast focus on serving those in great need.

Before joining Miracles for Kids, Mrs. Strier served as Statewide Public Policy Manager for the New Jersey chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, where she worked for three years directing statewide public policy affairs for the organization and lobbying on behalf of people with disabilities in Washington, DC. Prior to this position, Mrs. Strier spent four years at Morgan Stanley in New York, NY, assisting state, county and city governments, authorities, and non-profit organizations to structure and finance public sector projects in the municipal bond market. While in New York, she also spent two and a half years working for the Giuliani Administration, assisting in the oversight of high profile projects for the Deputy Mayor for Operations and Office of Management and Budget. In the early years of her professional career, Mrs. Strier helped co-found an internationally-affiliated training and resource center for non-profit management in Santa Barbara County and served as assistant to the Finance Director and City Manager for the City of Carpinteria, California.

Mrs. Strier’s passion for and dedication to her community extends well beyond her role as Co-Founder & CEO of Miracles for Kids. She has served for five years as the President of the Board of Epic Charter School, Orange County’s first online public school; is a 12-year member of Alder – an organization of select national thought leaders focused on generational leadership, and a member of National Charity League, where she volunteers actively for regional charities with her daughters. She is consistently recognized for her tireless dedication, business acumen and entrepreneurship, including annual recognition as the Orange County Business Journal’s “Women in Business” Honoree awards from 2010-2021 and in the early years, was named one of 2009’s “Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40” by OC Metro magazine.

Mrs. Strier put herself through school, earning her degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in International Relations from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She earned her degree of Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management, with honors, from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.

Mrs. Strier has worked as a staff member or volunteer within the non-profit sector for most of her life, gaining knowledge and insight from organizations serving populations such as the homeless, elderly, battered women, families in transition, and those with incurable diseases, among others. Her experiences with these organizations and the individuals they serve have shaped her deep passion for helping others, and is one of the main reasons she has chosen to dedicate her life to this field.

Mrs. Strier resides in South Orange County with her husband, their three children and four dogs.

About Dr. Tyler Hales:

Dr. Tyler Hales is a nationally renowned cosmetic dentist and the co-founder of South Orange County’s Hales Parker Dentistry. Since 2013, Dr. Hales and business partner Dr. Lincoln Parker have offered top-quality comprehensive family and cosmetic dental care with a distinctively compassionate and contemporary approach. Specializing in veneers and sleep dentistry, Dr. Hales is recognized as the “celebrity dentist” behind the flawless smiles of several elite Hollywood stars, including Madison LeCroy, Slade Smiley, Gretchen Rossi, and more. Patients travel from around the country to benefit from Dr. Hales’ seasoned skill and singular passion for delivering a bold confidence transformation through a bright, beautiful smile makeover.

Dr. Hales was born in Burbank and raised in Orange County, the second eldest of four children. He developed an interest in the medical field watching his father and grandfather serve as anesthesiologists, having both graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California. As he followed in their footsteps, Dr. Hales discovered that his interests lie in other areas of medicine. Dentistry enabled him to exercise creative artistry while improving the lives of patients from all walks of life. He learned and developed his practice alongside some of California’s most revered professionals, including Dr. Pascal Magne.

Upon graduating from USC, Dr. Hales relocated to Colorado Springs to assist in expanding a prestigious owner/doctor practice. As he and his wife welcomed their third child, they moved back to Orange County for an opportunity to join Dr. Parker in building what is now the Hales Parker practice. Together, Drs. Hales, Parker, and newest addition Dr. Luke Facer provide comprehensive services that include general, specialty, and cosmetic dentistry. The only practice in Orange County to partner with their own ceramist, Dr. Hales and his team proudly offer the highest caliber ceramic veneers, customized to each patient’s unique smile and fitted using the most advanced technology. The results speak for themselves, powerfully elevating patient confidence and changing lives for the better. 

In his spare time, Dr. Hales enjoys surfing, snow skiing, playing sports, and spending time with his family. He lives in Orange County with his wife and four children under the age of 10.

Dr. Laura Purdy, MD

Licensed in all 50 states plus DC and known as “America’s Favorite Doctor,” Dr. Laura Purdy, MD is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician who has been featured in Vogue, on Fox News, ABC, NBC, and NPR (among others) as the nation’s leading authority and thought leader on the future of digital healthcare. Dr. Purdy works with hundreds of telehealth startups – some of the largest in the country – offering in-depth digital health expertise earned over decades spent providing and directing primary care for hundreds of thousands of patients of all ages, from all walks of life. 

Dr. Purdy’s interest in helping people drew her out of a lucrative professional career as a performing pianist to earn a BA in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from Ball State University and then attend medical school at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Graduating from family medicine residency at Georgia’s Martin Army Hospital, she began 14 years of service as a US Army physician, caring for men and women from all over the country undergoing basic training, airborne school, ranger school, and soldiers on post. During that time, she delivered hundreds of babies and treated hundreds of soldiers on the ground. 

She then relocated to North Carolina to serve as Battalion Surgeon, where she first practiced telemedicine while overseeing the care of special operations combat medics deployed to Africa. This experience prepared her for the med/peds hospitalist role at the Fort Campbell, Kentucky Army Hospital. She then went on to help build the Army’s extensive telemedicine networks before doing the same for dozens of private virtual health companies. 

Upon leaving the military, Dr. Purdy discovered her passion for ensuring equal access to quality healthcare for everyone in America. She immersed herself in the digital healthcare industry, seeing over 20,000 virtual patients as the first full-time telemedicine physician and Medical Director for MDLIVE. This led to a key role in bringing virtual treatment to COVID-19 pandemic patients and those in the Ukraine war zone. Now, Dr. Purdy is a sought-after digital medicine expert serving as Medical Director/Co-Founder and advisor for more than 50 leading telehealth providers, including Hims and Hers, Wisp, OpenLoop, and MDintegrations – a telehealth company designed to deliver care for health tech startups across North America. 

Dr. Purdy resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband of 10 years, juggling a busy “mompreneur” life with four kids under the age of 10! At the young age of 37, the well-deserved title of “America’s Favorite Doctor” has been awarded to her by colleagues across the nation. Fueled by a passion and drive to help as many people as she can, Dr. Laura Purdy uses her role as a C-Suite executive to carry out a vision of establishing the most advanced telehealth systems. Bringing together the greatest minds in medicine, she seeks to help millions of people using the best that technology has to offer.


The Akira Back brand is a diverse portfolio of restaurants and lounges around the globe which pride themselves on creating innovative culinary experiences combined with a social atmosphere and elegant ambiance. The mission statement is to make unforgettable memories for our guests by revolutionizing the dining experience through one-of-a-kind dishes and gracious service. Born in Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Michelin Star award winning Chef Akira Back brings a sense of adventure and boundless creativity to his culinary creations. Before embarking on his career in the kitchen, Back spent his early years as a professional snowboarder, appearing in extreme sports movies and garnering praise from the sport’s top trade publications. Back eventually retired from snowboarding and took his need for speed and desire for adventure to culinary school. Chef Back has since brought his culinary expertise and artistry across the globe, opening critically acclaimed restaurants in Paris, Las Vegas, Dubai, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Toronto, Singapore, Seoul and more. He currently operates 20 locations under his banner, with plans to open 12 more through 2024 in cities including London, San Francisco, Houston, Riyadh, Marrakech, Istanbul and Orlando.

Daniel Grace

A philanthropic, super-creative entrepreneur, Daniel’s pure and attractive charisma
elevates his craft, skill and business utility. His journey through the tech, creative and
philanthropic worlds navigated to undeniable passion.

Daniel, being an entrepreneurial leader, lusted for creative freedoms and understanding of valued incentive, scripting a unique path of self expression. His perspective shift continuously grew from opportunities within these industries leading to the ability to establish his own entity, GraceWorld.

Born and raised in New York, Daniel had the ability to focus on global impact from
experiencing such a melting pot of diversity. He felt enticed to soak in opportunity and
gain insight to the root of influence and impact. GraceWorld is committed to pushing the
boundaries of the metric of influence.

The multi-vertical, new age positioned conglomerate encompasses GraceWorld,
Studios, Records and Talent. Daniel is leading with the intent to put power back in the
hands of the creator.Through traditional and new age releases within the arts,
entertainment and fashion worlds, GraceWorld will showcase valued releases, insightful
messages and admirable “Benevolence in craft”. The super creative-entrepreneur is
establishing philanthropy within GraceWorld’s utility, with community rewards and
in-house global infrastructural development. Daniel’s insatiable desire to create for change will shine through each creationsforcause release.

Ky Wilkens

Through years of transformative experiences, Ky’s empowering positioning is a product
of self-value and healing. Being in the fashion industry modeling for over 10 years, Ky’s perspective was shifting and changing from opportunities such as international travel. Building upon this
perspective, finding her way through the world and industry created an insatiable
passion for people, communities and progressive change.

After international travel, Ky settled in New York City where she grew exhausted of the
industry and the obstacles that entailed. Feeling left unfulfilled, she realized her heart
was telling her to leave the modeling world and gain control of her life and passions.
During this focal shift, she faced internal conflict and confusion from years of judgment
and egotistical treatment. Through these hard times is where she found her true self.
Ky’s healing journey is a catalyst of creation.

This transformative time in her life sparked Ky’s creation, CauseYouMatter. Through
release, refinement and self-acceptance, she felt destined to establish a community to
promote self-healing. Her wellness community is committed to spreading the idea of
self-love, communication, healing and energy exchange. The CYM community will
receive wellness remedy programs and special educational releases as a member.
Together, inspired to elevate lives in harmony and unity, because we all matter.

Amanda Orso The High- Low Hostess 

New York party stylist Amanda Orso known as The High-Low Hostess whose events have drawn A-list guests from P.Diddy, Fergie, Below Decks Captain Lee, Caitlyn Jenner, etc and has a wide variety of celebrities she has curated high-end custom gift bags for such as housewives and Reality Stars such as Phaedra Parks, Vicki Gunvalson, Taylor Armstrong, Zill Zarin,  Hannah & Jon Gosselin, and more for occasions ranging from Birthday Parties, Weddings and Bachelorette parties, to family reunions, sporting events, and more. Amanda also creates unique table settings for her clients using everything from candles to kale! Always a passionate party-giver, Amanda has been planning top tier events from New York City to L.A. for the past 15 years. With her entertaining expertise and penchant for taking cues from fashion, she provides her clients valuable direction and guidance designed to meet the needs of the ‘home hostess’ for any occasion. Her one-of-a-kind online party planning platform, the High-Low Hostess harnesses her keen ability to combine high-end and low-end. 

Steve Cederquist

The sought-after contractor – who first rose to stardom on the hit HGTV show Flip or Flop – Steve Cederquist is a savvy businessman who built his flourishing company Steve Cederquist Designs, from the ground up. After eight seasons and 16 episodes on the highly successful show, Cederquist, has been tapped for another HGTV hit which is filming now and will be launched Spring of 2023. Despite being at the top of his game, a season regular with a hit TV show under his belt, and one of the most in-demand construction companies in Southern California, the award-winning actor has an impressive film career. With credits from the award-winning short “Reason” (2022 winning Best Cast Ensemble) to co-producing and starring in the short “What If?” (2020), Steve remains one of the hardest-working men in the business.

In June 2020, Cederquist released his first book, Get Out Alive: Surviving and Thriving After Drugs, Guns, Gangs, Dysfunction, and Crazy; it details how he created a successful renovation and design company, becoming a season regular on HGTV’s show Flip or Flop, and award-nominated philanthropist. Cederquist wrote his inspirational and true-to-life story to help others by sharing details of his past, the point he knew his destructive behavior needed to change, and the steps he took to thrive in business and life. The book has been endorsed by several world- famous inspirational leaders such as Greg S. Reid, David Meltzer, and many more.

His second book, Got Out Alive, a continuation of his first book, Get Out Alive: Surviving and Thriving After Drugs, Guns, Gangs, Dysfunction, and Crazy, will be out Summer of 2023

Alex Ekbatani

From a young age, Alex Ekbatani was influenced by his father who was CEO of Tehran International Airport and instilled a love of first class travel in Ekbatani. As a child, Ekbatani was whisked away on international trips to England, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. At the age of 10, he experienced a life altering visit to Japan, encompassing everything from Buddhist temples in Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland to the salty seas of Nishiki Beach, South of Osaka. The journey provided Ekbatani with a deep appreciation for architecture, entertainment and nature. 

Ekbatani’s family had since relocated to Canada, and at the impressive age of 16, Ekbatani utilized the money he had saved from his paper route to launch a rotisserie chicken eatery in Toronto with his brother, Arash Ekbatani. For four years, throughout college, Ekbatani displayed drive and determination, studying at the prominent Ryerson University and running his restaurant as a young restaurateur, concurrently. 

In 1998, Ekbatani’s next entrepreneurial venture was founding a branding company, AVA Multimedia, landing prestigious multinational companies on his roster including DuPont Canada, Sony Gaming, Aeroplan, Hazelton Hotels, Trump Towers, Nestle, and Holt Renfrew, to name a few. 

Despite Ekbatani’s unyielding dedication to his company, he believed in balance and continued to prioritize his love of travel. A 5-star hotel nomad at heart, Ekbatani circled the globe several times over with his high school sweetheart and wife, Sheila. Some of their favorite luxury destinations include Milan, Rome, St. Tropez, Aix-en-Provence, Madrid and Málaga.

After selling AVA Multimedia in 2009, Ekbatani decided to pursue his passion for hospitality 100%. As the President of Rosemont Hotels, he established networks in the industry, acquired real estate, and brought on an investment team.  

In 2014, Ekbantani founded ette hotels, a major contemporary luxury hotelier group under Rosemont Hotels as the parent company, which will introduce trailblazing new concepts and redefine the guest experience. Amongst his ventures is the independently owned and operated ette hotel Orlando.

With ette Hotel Orlando, Ekbatani aims to turn the food and beverage industry on its head with wellness focused zero-alcohol bars throughout the property. Fresh herbs will be hand-picked from the garden and custom ice will go into each transcendental mocktail. 

Ekbatani is also thrilled to introduce the world’s first, fully transparent, open-concept laundry back-of-house service. Just off of the lobby, guests can view first-hand how ette hotel’s Italian Frette linens and towels are meticulously cleaned, pressed and folded. 

Bound and determined to elevate and advance traditional hospitality standards, ette hotel will focus on sophisticated quality and world-class service with a full butler approach to guest stays. An expertly trained team will help curate highly personalized, authentic stays. 

Ekbatani welcomes you into his transformative, luxury world that is ette hotels.

Duncan Levin

Duncan Levin is New York City’s hottest criminal defense attorney and arguably the best celebrity defense attorney of our time. When he isn’t fighting to free high profile clients such as Anna Delvey (Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” fame) or Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman of (HBO’s The Vow) he’s representing and celebrating with Jennifer Weisselberg, who just helped to uncover the Trump Organization tax fraud scandal.

In fact the Yale Law-educated celebrity criminal defense attorney recently had huge wins for his clients when he assisted in freeing both Anna Delvey from prison and vindicating Clare Bronfman after an unduly harsh prison sentencing.

Boasting an unparalleled reputation and legal portfolio – including prior service as a federal prosecutor and liaison to the US Department of Justice on billion-dollar forfeiture cases – Levin has earned the top spot as one of New York City’s most respected attorneys. He is THE name to know when navigating the notoriously complex arenas of criminal law, anti-money laundering, internal investigations, and anti-fraud.

In his 20 year career, Levin has helped to shape the future of criminal forfeiture and monetary recovery regulation, working alongside Governor Cuomo to compensate victims of white-collar crime cases.