“Too Late Again” is the catchy new pop single from Trisha and Thara. The Boston-based sibling duo wrap the listener around their fingers very quickly with EDM-laced rhythms and synergized vocals. Bouncing between synth and the pair’s made-for-radio harmonies is an undeniable fresh beat and irresistible storyline. Ever feel like you’re trying to figure someone out? Or that you feel like the person you’re with isn’t giving you the full picture of how they feel? “Too Late Again” plays with the idea of what exactly is going on in the other person’s head and just why, or why can’t we crack that code. 

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As much as the stirring electronica in the music bed has darts and dashes, the warmth and a teeny-bit of sassiness in the vocals prevails. I felt like there were moments of empowerment, instances of being in charge. At first listen, it’s like diving into an updated Madonna track – less the dance hall days bravado. I think the depth of this song is found between the measures and the ebb and flow of the melodies. I thought at first the vocals were going to be brash and maybe even snarky, but it opened up into a real, genuine storyline. Walking back and forth on this road, waiting for you just makes me cold, sings one of the voices. I’m not clear on who’s taking the lead vocals, and because they are siblings, you can imagine how close and seamless their voices can blend. What I like most about that line is that it can take on double-meaning. It can be a literal image of waiting for the other person at a place and you’re wondering, why are they late? How dare they disrespect my time? It can also convey the idea of the breadth of the relationship and maybe one person is giving more than the other, or they expect a bigger commitment. I loved playing that over in my own head. 

Just about the song’s bridge, the vocals playfully expand the sonic soundscape. It’s almost choir-like, as if the sun comes out from behind the clouds. I would also call it like a eureka moment – finally, clarity! I think this is the moment the song takes an interesting tangent, and quickly catches the ride back on a moving train. I liked that little change-up. It swings right back into the moving tempo and creates just the right amount of amplified energy to keep you wanting more. I loved the way this duo combines their voices, and yet, you can tell they really balance each other out. 

Trisha, 16, and Thara, 13, continue to add to their discography – “Too Late Again” follows hits like “You Used To Be” and “Regret”. Don’t let their ages fool or dissuade you – these artists have put together complex beats and tempos – and capture a vibe much more diverse that what you’re imagining. “Too Late Again” has that it factor – that instant hook that just grabs the listener and takes hold. This one is a keeper. 

Garth Thomas