Ksenia’s experiences with drunken comedy club louts inspires her new single “Tiny Dick Guy”, but she’s more than just a flash in the pan novelty act. She’s worked with true music industry heavyweights such as talented producer Mario Marchetti, renowned for his work with JoJo and Demi Lovato. She’s also benefitted from collaborations with writers Melanie Fontana and Gino Barletta. In the end, however, it all comes down to Ksenia. The Russian musical artist, influencer, and actress possesses raw and rowdy comedic energy that masks, to a point, her obvious skill. She’s a social medalite with half a million fans across social media channels and has headlined numerous venues with her rap/stand-up sets wherever there’s an audience ready to hear her work.

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It’s a song that’s tailor made for clubs as well. The slinky saxophone laden track is funky without ever sounding cliched. The loping beat hooks listeners at once and doesn’t deviate from its physical nature at any point. Punctuating the track with the saxophone adds a bit of needed musical spice as the aforementioned lack of variation might otherwise become tiresome in a short amount of time. Structuring the track as she does, a short burst of inspired comedic creativity, gives it a powerful focus it may have lacked in lesser hands.

Her vocals have a playful tone despite the barbed lyrics. The contrast is delicious. It’s the chorus, however, where she shines brightest. The insistent refrain is likely to leave many in stitches. She throws unabashed glee into the proceedings that will get over with virtually any audience; she sides with her fellow ladies in the track, betting they share similar experiences, but even open-minded men can enjoy her ribald humor. They will, undoubtedly, recognize many of their own.

The lyrics are conversational, full-on street language that doesn’t aspire to any sort of pseudo-poetry. She bites into each syllable and locks into the beat. Attentive vocalists are rare, too many are willing to get themselves heard at the expense of the song, but Ksenia isn’t among them. She’s a singer who listens to every nuance of the track, phrasing her vocals to accentuate its power. Her willingness to play to the track’s strengths rather than grabbing the spotlight for herself is one of the underlying secrets of the song’s success.

Some may look askance at the song’s subject matter, particularly the title. It’s unlikely Ksenia gives a damn and good for her. Her music connects with the everyday listener rather than entertaining ill-born artistic conceits but, make no mistake, she’s talented. She’s also here to stay. In an era when stars and performers are often a dime a dozen, Ksenia connects with her audience in a modern way that people will flock to and she will be back with more. The musical merits of the track are direct, even simple, but ultimately undeniable. Ksenia’s “Tiny Dick Guy” may cause some pearl clutching, even in this jaded era, but it’s fun beyond fun. We need that more than ever,

Garth Thomas