We are so much more than mere flesh and bones; we are eternal beings, descended from God. The fact that you are interested in this audiobook is evidence that part of you – long forgotten – is calling to be recognized. 

“This Taste of Flesh and Bones” invites you to answer that call by participating in the greatest expedition that humankind will ever undertake – the journey to true self. Contrary to what the majority of persons may believe, this deeper dimension is close at hand; and it can be recognized here and now. Will you listen to your heart?

Arthur Russell is a retired paramedic of thirty-five years service and currently lives in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. An author of both fiction and non-fiction. Now sixty-two, he wishes to share his knowledge regarding enlightenment to help alleviate human suffering. He is the proud father of a son and daughter, and grandfather to a granddaughter and grandson. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, adventure, motorcycling, and meeting new people, all of which enrich his life in countless ways.

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