Every moment in the killer track “Thief in the Night” from Los Angeles’ Will Buck is an exciting stretch. Crunchy guitars and an overall feeling of neon light in the city. It’s a night out on the town with sinister basslines, yet Buck channels his inner rock star to create more-than-a sound-bite. “Thief in the Night” is rock-pop songwriting and delivery at its best. This songs moves its way into your soundscape and holds on for more than a few listens… it’s hard to escape this nightly tune. New for 2020 and what a fresh take – Buck is on my list for someone to really watch.

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Buck sings “it feels so right, like poison under my skin…shaking, shaking.” Much like the more pop-flavored band Walk The Moon, Buck creates a solid foundation of guitar work and slick percussion fused with oh-so-right synth threads. When he sings the “shaking, shaking” I adored how his guitar sounded like it was equally having the fits. This song just keeps hitting in all directions – Buck’s vocals are clear-cut; he’s got the range and interesting factor going for him, too. He’s no Simon LeBon (Duran Duran), but he’s on his way to becoming a true front man. He’s one of those singers that does so much with an effortless cool-factor. He seemingly sounds real. As a listener, I was so compelled by his delivery and his quick retorts next to the sharp guitar riffs. The beat is simplistic, but a helluva-job it does.

The city of Los Angeles really plays a part in this song. Though he doesn’t really mention it, the idea of bright lights and interesting characters taking center stage seems so LA to me. Perhaps there’s some sort of drug-induced trip going on, but it’s far from a Hunter S. Thompson novella. Dragons and casinos are mentioned, but I got too lost in the guitar riffs and music bed to feel completely intertwined in the lyrics. I felt so charged, so ready for action listening to “Thief in the Night”. I felt like at every turn, there was going to be a new character, and again, I just couldn’t shake the riffs and vibrant tones coming out of that guitar! He keeps the listener engaged in the whole package. There’s a slight throwback to the 80s sound with this song, I can’t quite get my finger on it, but perhaps it’s the pulse or the tones. It’s not dated by any means – again, it’s fresh to 2020, but the inner-80s lover in me is always begging for this sound!

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I loved how Buck is exploring some newer sounds in “Thief in the Night”. At one point it sounds like he’s singing through a megaphone – there’s a bit distortion going on. I think he used it well, and he’s produced a solid pop rock track. Fans of The Killers, Walk The Moon, Too Much Joy and Neon Trees might really dig “Thief in the Night”. It takes just one listen and I was sold.

Garth Thomas