Simonetta Lein @simonettalein is a Named Fashion Icon, Writer, Millennial Activist, considered one of the top 5 influencers in the world by Forbes. She is the founder of The Wishwall Foundation, with its international project The Wishwall ( Simonetta contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and advocates for women in her blog, Empowering Style by The Wishmaker. Simonetta is a best-selling author, television and radio personality, journalist, international fashion and lifestyle blogger, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and philanthropist as well. She is the leading star for her show “The Wishwall” picked by Amazon Prime, distributed through FNL Network and has contributed to several shows at NYFW and at Madison Square Garden for Style Fashion Week. Her fans call her The Wishmaker. Simonetta’s newest project is her celebrity talk show series, The Simonetta Lein Show, which is currently in its third season.

This Simonetta Lein Show, along with its premier of Season Three, has continued its series of panel interview episodes, showcasing local and international entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists, looking to share their industry insights and experiences. For the 7th consecutive panel episode, The Simonetta Lein showcases their first all-female panel, by welcoming a beautiful group of women all the way from Bali, who call themselves “The Witches of Wallstreet”, discussing the topic,, “How Can You Be A Woman of Wealth?”

Here is a list of our incredibly talented and successful panelists for the show, The Witches of Wallstreet:

Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan @rhondaswan is the CEO & Founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency- Mother to Hanalei ( a 14 year old prodigy) wife to the Unstoppable surfer & a self-proclaimed wine snob. When she’s not cruising through Bali on her motor bike, doing bikram yoga or sipping red wine. Rhonda can be found helping experts, thought leaders & entrepreneurs go from being “the best kept secret, to the world known experts” by growing their personal and professional brands, with PR & Media by creating a human-to-human connection. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and marketing for fortune 100 companies & multimillion dollar brands and startups, Rhonda knows what truly drives conversions, sold-out launches and how to get her clients featured in Top Tier Publications. Rhonda was recently named one of FORBES top women of diversity to watch in 2021, while her company [Unstoppable Branding Agency] was rated #4 of the top 10 Branding & PR firms for entrepreneurs to scale their business.  She is also a producer of the Help Me Rhonda Show, DIVA TANK & Witches Of Wallstreet. 

Leah Steele

Leah Steele @theleahsteele, also known as The Wealth Witch, is the CEO of The Leah Steele Brand and the host of The Wealth Witch Podcast @wealthwitchpodcast, a top wealth and entrepreneur podcast for women. She is a Holistic Wealth Strategist and Thought Leader and the creator of the Emotional Resonance Clearing Modality. Her purpose is to inspire and empower millions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives. The word wealthy comes from two words WELL and HEALTHY. Leah teaches holistic wealth as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential. Part of her divine mission work is to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that serves the global financial agenda. Her cutting-edge wealth repatterning programs are paving the way to a new global wealth paradigm where economic freedom is the reality. She coaches, mentors, and guides those ready to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire. Her clients are wildly successful spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to profoundly impact the planet.

Taryn Lee

Taryn Lee is an engaging mix of science and spirituality that matches brains and beauty – attributes she employs as twin superpowers to help empower women in business to live a high vibrational life. Taryn is an  Australian and founder of conscious lifestyle companies  Evolve and Awakin, both dedicated to putting enlightened living and business into practice. She is an industry top earner, freedom lover, visionary, business owner, and mentor, as Taryn is a big believer that when you finally allow yourself to step into the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. With a BSc in Health Sciences and Marketing and a Master’s degree in Population Health, Taryn spent 12 years working for major corporations in aviation, mining resources and investment banking. Committed to reclaiming her time, health and finding true success, Lee knew that she had to escape the repetitive corporate cycle and find a new path – one that led to both financial freedom and spiritual growth. Dedicated to creating high vibrational leaders, Lee believes that the most successful businesses and brands are built by people who understand the power of joy, community and gratitude, fueled at the optimum vibrational level and aligned with these values.

Michelle Patrick

Michelle Patrick @theearthoracle is a clinically experienced Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic nutrition, with an invested passion and interest in self-mastery and five element theory and philosophy. Michelle believes that the human body is capable of great self-healing and expansion when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies align in their divine thread of consciousness. When you are in the sovereign state of your own wellness and in the integrity of embodiment. Though her dedicated practice, Michelle supports the awakening of this capability through her patients and clients. By not only supporting them with the application of treatment, but providing them with a framework that supports the holistic person, allowing the body and its subtle bodies to ignite homeostasis. Wealth and wellness is absolutely one of those relationships,” she says “Often, we become too side-tracked by our routines to truly acknowledge the crucial relationship between our wealth and wellness. Considering the mutual relationship that these subjects foster, the generation of wealth can help support or stabilize the foundations of our holistic health. It not only allows us to venture into the realms of wellness practices that are suitable for our individual needs, but also allows us to be able to support these practices with grace and ease.”

Soraya Garfield

Soraya Garfield @thesorayaxx/ is a 43 year old Utah native that recently sold her home, car, clothes, jewelry, art, LITERALLY everything (if it didn’t sell, she donated it),  packed her whole life into 2 suitcases and moved to Bali, Indonesia. Soraya left behind her 21 year old son, a 5 year marriage (9 year relationship), her lingerie boutique of 10 years and tons of family and friends. This decision was not due to COVID but a decision she made because Soraya knew she wanted massive growth in her life and in order for massive growth she needed MASSIVE change. Soraya has worked with women her whole life.  Whether it was empowering them by recognizing their inner beauty by making their outer beauty shine at her hair salon or giving them confidence with a bra from her previous lingerie company. BraBar | Boutique was very well known to locals but also celebrities such as Lady Gaga. SHe was voted Best Lingerie Boutique for numerous years by Salt Lake Magazine and had an article written about her in the Business Women to Watch in Utah. Soraya was Mrs. Salt Lake City in 2019 and worked on many fundraising committees and founded Night of Empowerment. Soraya raised enough money to send multiple breast cancer survivors, from around the U.S.,  to no-cost healing retreats in Park City, Utah. Since she has moved to Bali she has started coaching with Les Brown to be a motivational speaker. Soraya has also started writing a book.

She especially loves working with women and young ladies and her message to the world is: “Life happens for us, not to us, so fail fast, fail often and fail forward.”

Tracey Jewel

Tracey Jewel @traceyjewel_ify is the author of 3 female personal development books (Goddess Within 2011, Don’t Mess with the Goddess 2016, This Goddess Means Business 2018), professional speaker, and awarded businesswoman. She recently appeared on one of TVs the most viewed programs “Married at First Sight,” in 2018 and 2021, and Sunday Night sharing her deeply personal anxiety story. Tracey has extensive media experience and reach, publicised across major media outlets in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. She was featured on Forbes, CBS and FOX in March 2021, she was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show in May 2011, and has been interviewed hundreds of times on Radio, online, You Tube, newspapers, magazines and TV. She is expecting her second child in March 2021, has just recently launched her Self Care Podcast “Upself” @upselfselfcare on Apple and is launching 2 self-care books with Booktopia in 2021. She has been a speaker at Mind Body Spirit nationwide and Everywoman Expo since 2010 as well as speaking engagements for women’s groups and corporate businesses for the past 11 years. She has hosted vision board, wellness and mental health workshops to over 4,000 women. She has appeared as a judge on the True Love contest in LA in 2013, and a host of the “Passion and Pleasure” program with Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, sexologist Dr Ava Cadel, and celebrities Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson. Tracey Jewel is currently a mental health worker, self care and life coach, mental health first aid instructor and a marketing strategist assisting women in business and wellness professionals for 15 years. 

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