This week Rhonda Swan welcomed this guest on her The Rhonda Swan Show for the second time. Stephanie Bruns, the founder of Business Flow Academy is also known as the quantum psychologist, and expert with over 20 years of experience and skill, business results, energy frequencies, and internal and external prosperity. 

Stephanie is renowned for creating rapid shifts in the energetic fields of her clients and their businesses that lead to healing enhancements and massive increases in vibrancy. 

From diagnosing where you have energy blocks to understanding your dreams, or navigating transitions in life, like family entanglement, or even unexpectable panic attacks, Stephanie has successfully helped overcome all of these traits for people, who are what you would label as ultra-successful. 

Rhonda Swan: Many people don’t think that ultra-successful people have these entanglements and have these situations, however, everyone’s are just humans after all. Can you talk a little bit about how you’re getting your clients through these moments to excel even higher?

Stefanie Bruns: It’s good to understand that, especially if you are ultra-successful, those situations hit harder, because you don’t have the illusion that money could fix everything. If you don’t have enough money, you still have the hope that this will be better if you had money. So people have to dive deep. 

And if you understand quantum, then you understand that everything is entangled. It might be hard sometimes, because that means that everything is multi-causal. 

It can be a root cause, even not only in this life, but also it can be from a different wavelength, so people have to go deeper and figure out what caused this problem, burnout, or stress. 

Sometimes people can see that the root cause was the same soul family, but in another constellation. Those who are now your children, your parents or your partners, could be in a different constellation in another lifetime. But these rooted stressful experiences you still hold within yourself – that’s why you are triggered, and you can’t explain it in this life. 

If you have the knowledge of the other lifetimes and the past experiences, you can understand it, and what is more important – you can fix it. You can integrate lost soul parts and create a new reality. 

Our brain is so flexible, we can recreate even the past because if we understand that time is not linear, then we understand why every time is coexisting. And that will shift things immediately.

Rhonda Swan: Can you share with us, how can the normal person apply these types of principles into shifting their own consciousness or addressing what they’re getting triggered by?

Stefanie Bruns: There’s an easy rule: if you have tried to work with good coping strategies when you are triggered – for example, calm down and take a deep breath – and it’s not helping, that is a sign that the cause must be something deeper. 

You also can use your body feedback. It’s more easy to use skin resistance tests – with that you can feel what your body is doing because your body will react immediately to everything that is surrounding you. You can measure the stability of your muscles, or you can even test your pulse. The easiest way to test it for yourself – is to test how your body is changing. 

For example, when you say certain words – like “love”, “freedom” and “harmony”, rub your fingers against each other and see how it feels. Most of the people will say that it feels soft and smooth. If we  change the words and say “hate”, “war”, “fear” – you can feel how the sensation on your fingertips is changing

If you want to have a hint from your body and check if something is true or not, use that test. You can say – “My problem is caused by something that is out of this lifetime, from another dimension” – and see how your body will react. 

Rhonda Swan: Yes, when you ask the right questions, the body will respond. I’ve always loved your work and your approach to conscious manifestation – how does that impact your life and perceptions of it? 

Stefanie Bruns: I’ve started using this technique over two decades ago, and I started with small things, like manifesting a parking spot, a date, some things that happened, even my spot at the university. One of the principles is to keep your vibration high, so you can manifest anything. 

When we work with clients, we see amazing immediate results, for example – we deal with pain, we can shift it and in one hour it’s gone – just like if we found the root cause of the problem or the original trigger. 

That’s why we can help people who are ultra-successful in coping with some of the problems in their lives, because they all have the same problems, like everyone.

Rhonda Swan: I’ve been having so many amazing conversations lately, especially, because we are talking about intuition and frequency, and I think that this conversation is becoming more accepted. However, there’s a large number of people who continue to lack what they seek in life. How do you think, is there a large misunderstanding that we can clarify about that process of quantum creation and healing? 

Stefanie Bruns: If you look at the definition of energy, for example on Wikipedia, you will find strange information – like there would be no evidence. 

But in the last two and three decades, even 100 years ago, we have had a lot of evidence, a lot of scientific research. 

For example, when people step into that field, they see the evidence that meditation works. There’s evidence of how the biophotons are entering the body, how the biophotons change and the release is increased when you are in a state that’s called coherence. 

If you are vibrant, you have another glow in your face. If you are in a bad mood, people can feel it, because we all have this intuition – we know what is the truth, and what is not, especially if you are a sensitive person. 

When we look at all the data and see that everything is measurable, we can create the shift, not only within our bodies. 

It’s another coincidence that people go further and step into that field – even in the children’s books you will find information about yoga practice, meditation, and chakras. 

I was always amazed by that, because it’s a sign that society can’t ignore it anymore.

Rhonda Swan: That’s the real energy that is around us all the time. Think about the news, and all the horrible things that are happening in the world – it’s so easy for someone that isn’t conscious and aware of what could happen in their mind to fall off the track. 

What do you think about where we are going as a society? How do we stay in the higher frequency?

Stefanie Bruns: That’s a really good question. Where we are going is definitely clear – we see that this movement can’t be stopped, even though it can be slowed down, people feel it, people know it, we are getting more and more awake, especially younger generations. 

My kids, for example, use energy work without me teaching it to them. They teach it to their to their friends, and they all are using it. 

Where your focus goes – your energy flows. And if I focus, for example, on the news, my system will react immediately. Look at news reports, and then look into nature – how does the shift feels? With nature your system will stabilize itself immediately. 

It’s important to understand that it’s not only your skin resistance that is changing – it’s the cell membrane potential. The cell membrane potential should be ideally on -70 to -90 voltage. If it’s below -50, then you are not in your highest state of awareness and it is in wrong cell divination. That can cause cancer and similar diseases.

That means – if you focus on the wrong things, your cell membrane potential is not in the best state. 

The art of being in a higher state is nothing else than only being aware. My kids are my greatest teachers here.

Rhonda Swan: Yes, that overflowing frequency that comes from our kids, is there because they don’t see the world negatively, they don’t have that filter adults have.They just growing up into becoming these teachers…

I really always love this conversation with you – it just expands my mind and reminds me of so many things. I know that you are doing some incredible thongs in Portugal right now – can you tell us more about the events that you are running, and what’s next for you?

Stefanie Bruns: We always had amazing cooperations with other thought leaders in this field. One of the next big events that we run together with Jerry Mumford from StorMagic, will be next year in Portugal and it will be about energy and  intergalactic medicine. 

We use systems that come from other planets, and we can tap into this potential, so we can create rapid shifts out of nowhere – shifts in the relationship, in the body, in the sphere of success in the business, or anywhere else. 

This is amazing, because it’s not comparable to something that was here already. That’s why we expand all of this energy medicine and we go to intergalactic medicine

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