Tess Posner is a fast rising indie artist from California who creates ethereal alt-pop with a bite. 

What is grounding your music right now?

What’s grounding to me in my music is its infinite possibilities. Music has helped me heal pain, bring out what’s in the shadows, and find new joys I never knew. To me, it has an infinite potential for discovery. As we grow, it grows with us, and helps us keep growing.

What is grounding you right now?

Being out in nature. I am lucky to be in the Bay Area in California, where we have ancient redwoods plus the ocean. I find this to be incredibly grounding, and stabilizing.

What does winning in your career mean to you?

When people write to me that my songs were meaningful to them during hard times, it’s incredibly rewarding. So success to me is when my music uplifts people and makes them feel more comfortable being who they really are.

Congratulations on New Angels! What are you anticipating for this single?

Thank you so much! I am really excited about this one. I wrote this song about how sometimes it can seem like the world has no empathy and care for each other/ the planet, and that there must be another way. Though I wrote it before the pandemic, this remix felt important in light of the past 1.5 years, and it came back alive inside of me. I always imagined an orchestra playing this song, and this remix comes close with strings, brass, horns, flutes, organ and piano.

What boundaries are important for you to break and continue breaking on your music journey?

When I started writing music and going on this path, a lot of people responded as though it was impractical. I think there is this way that society tells us what we’re allowed to be, or what we’re allowed to pursue and create, and it really can get into your own mind too. As artists, we have to break out of those moulds and resist the temptation to give into that doubt, of “you can’t, you shouldn’t.” The best art has defied the boundaries of what society said was proper and created new paradigms of what is possible.

Do you feel like you’ve broken boundaries when it came to writing New Angels?

I wanted to incorporate more orchestral elements that are not usually heard in pop music as much. Because this song is about the hope of something that swells up inside of you, I felt that it was important to make the music reflect how big that hope can be, and the depth and complexity of having hope in such a difficult time. 

Are there any pressures that come with releasing new music?

It’s always that sense of anticipation when you put a creation out into the world. I try to think about it like releasing a bird from a cage, it will have it’s own story beyond me, and once it’s out there, it can have a life of its own. That’s the beautiful thing about art, it sometimes lives its own life beyond its creator. If you’re lucky, that is!

How are you making sure that you put yourself before your music?

Self-care is really important. But also for me, music is a kind of self-care, because it gives so much back to me. But definitely taking breaks, and having practices like meditation and yoga are really important to me.

How are you feeling overall today as an artist?

Feeling great, thanks for asking! I am so excited about everything I am learning and some new people I am collaborating with. It’s an evolving and infinitely fun proces.

We need to know what is the best way to keep up with you?

IG: @tessposnermusic

FB: @tessposnermusic

Website: www.tessposnermusic.com

For Press Inquiries: [email protected]

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