A concept album about the death and rebirth of a soul seems like a tough task. However, Kickstand Jenny succeeds in bringing us Between the Lies, which they have been working on for over three years. With heavy sounds, the album contains lyrics consistently addressed to a “you,” so the listener can follow the narrative of a reincarnation of a new life.

Though they are labeled as simply alternative rock, Kickstand Jenny is known for their multiple influences that produce diverse original music. Between the Lies takes a journey based in heavy rock that goes through blues, indie, country, and pop sounds. The concept behind the record requires depth in the instrumentation and lyrics, and Kickstand Jenny’s exploration into multiple genres fulfills that need. 

The album’s second track “Standing In The Doorway” expresses impatience. Its blues rock tones sway while lead singer Scott Foster Harris tells that he knows patience is a virtue, but he is so over this and cannot take it anymore. The song ends with a repetition of “Watch me walk away (Goodbye, goodbye),” and then leads into the next track, appropriately titled “Solo,” featuring Mark Slaughter of the legendary glam metal band Slaughter. 

Though again rooted in that heavy rock feeling, “Solo” takes an aspirational glam bend. It continues the journey of a rebirth, as the singer knows he has to say, “So long,” and let go, since he feels, “so low.” This narrator seems to have this inner battle with himself and also with the addressee, as he chants, “You need to move on with your life. I’m moving on with mine.”

Preston Morelock, founder and guitarist of Kickstand Jenny who has been playing self-taught since childhood, cries the guitar out on the country pop-sounding “Never Gonna Let You Go,” while drummer A.J. Sipos sets up the beat as bassist Chris McComas, also self-taught from a young age, backs it. 

Fifth track “Tonight” in the center of the record brings a turn in tone. The song almost sounds like an 80’s pop rock anthem with fun, strong drum hits interspersing the bright guitar licks. Scott Foster Harris repeats the mantra, “We’re gonna run away tonight,” which changes the mood from a sense of necessary solitude to one of exciting union and power. It seems as though he not only needs to move on with this process of rebirth; he also wants it. “One More Day” and “Take Me Back To The Time” follows “Tonight” with a continuation of the revealing, nostalgic pop rock sounds. as the singer reflects that, though he is, “Heading down the road without you,” he still, “Can’t take another day without you” on “One More Day”.

Kickstand Jenny includes an interesting cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” as a slow rock tune that shifts into the band’s classic heavy rock instrumentation. You might ask, how does this belong on the concept album that is Between the Lies? Well, the song tells the journey of a personal story, just as this record does. Though the singer of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” has experienced hardships, he owns it. Kickstand Jenny works to do the same thing in the entirety of this album.

The final song of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” featuring drummer Jim Riley again brings in a jumpy country sound. Here, the lyrics end the story of singing about that original “you.” Though the band wails that, “My love belongs to you,” the singer and addressee are separated. They end the Between the Lies with a repetition of “Love can break your heart,” which concludes the realization that the soul needed to find. 

Reviewed by Krista Spies