At the start of the single “The Movies” from Baseball Gregg, the song’s vibe leans more in the electro-pop world. It’s not until near the end of the song that the lister feels a bit more entrenched in a genre-bending delight. “The Movies” the latest release from the pair’s anticipated February 2020 release, Calendar, is yet another frightfully good fun-track from one of the more exciting artists to come out of California in some time. Baseball Gregg do it again with this charmer.

With plans to release a song each month from Calendar, the chances are high that Baseball Gregg is going to be covering its bases in garnering headlines and blurbs amongst discerning musical tastes and critical influencers. Let’s leave the deep meanings and microscopic focused picking-apart to other music writers and assume that because you’re reading this you’re looking for something new to brighten up your playlist. Well, “The Movies” is that song. It’s embellished with frolicking beats and William Corduroy lends his guitar prowess skills about the middle of the song, with vocalist Pecas commanding the song with her airy, singing. Baseball Gregg, comprised of Samuel Regan and Luca Lovisetto, have been making music together since 2014. Regan was studying abroad in Italy and together they forged a magical musical synergy. Bringing Pecas and Corduroy into the mix is a bit daring, in that Regan and Lovisetto didn’t really need the help, but the change is welcomed, nonetheless. Pecas does elevate this song with her singing; she’s poetic and has little dramatic pauses that create a relatable tone. When she sings “forever thankful that I went to the movies on that fateful day, I think of all the fun we’ll have together before all our time is spent” it’s as if she’s conversing within her own head. She’s reserved. She may even be writing in her diary. There isn’t a brooding of confidence and she’s eclectic like Regina Spektor. She’s just missing Spektor’s vigor.


With such a quick run, “The Movies” isn’t a long song to meander about. It gets going and could easily be a top hit on the radio and, hint, hint, one’s Spotify playlist. It’s not a dance track, but the back-and-forth between Pecas’ vocals and Corduroy’s guitar work is a fun play-by-play.

Baseball Gregg have a solid handle on their sound. Meaning, they are distinctively indie and have a way of bending the warmth and citrus soul of Italy and California into their work. Pecas, a Brooklyn-based singer, dabs a bit of that city-enigma into the song. She’s not hippie and she’s not vintage-sounding, but she’s intrinsically weaved into the memory of the song, just as the memory of a ‘movie’ date is branded into the actual lyrics. “The Movies” is timeless in a month that feels gray and depressive. It’s a bright spot on the calendar year and even brighter example of a band that has connected with its listeners on a new level. This song gets through the crowded lineup of indie releases and situates itself atop the best-of-the-best.

Garth Thomas