One of the funniest, yet informative, podcasts that has materialized is “The Law Offices of Quibble, Squibble and Bicker, which based on the insanity of 3 hosts who I’m sure can either be arrested or committed. The premise of the show is the 3 co-hosts Greg, Matt and Brendon attempt to pretend they are lawyers but not

They are smart, funny, and definitely crazy yet all of their guests actually love them no matter how they embarrass them. The fights and demands to appear on their show are hard to keep up with. For those who hate podcasts it’s essential you listen to these guys…. you will never be the same .

How did your show originate? It sprung from Matt’s brow and Greg’s bowels, and then Brendan spanked it’s bottom.

What inspired your very cool premise? Matt is a very clever lad. 

Out of all of you which one of you is the most fun? Definitely not Matt. 

What do you look for in a guest? Compassion.

What are the challenges you face doing your show aside from prison lol? Falling off my chair from too much Gubba Rum. 

What kind of topics are your favorite to discuss….and you’re all allowed a different opinion? I prefer topics that are inane and frivolous, because then I don’t have to think too hard. 

How, when and where can people enjoy your show? The nighttime is the right time to “enjoy” our podcast. I listen to it on the Apple Podcast app, but other than that, I don’t know. I can’t even format a disc. 

Where do you hope the show eventually takes you? To Hell and back.

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