I hear a lot more of a jam band aesthetic powering The Dream Logic’s latest single “I’ll Be Right Back” than any of the fusion trappings heard in earlier recordings. The NYC-based trio likewise invokes a funky spirit in the somewhat clipped rhythms they lay down during this tune. Drummer Camille Gainer stands out as the key piece for the track. Her playing is never physically overpowering but nonetheless locks into a memorable and malleable groove. Bassist Jerry Brooks pairs well with Gainer and complements her without ever overplaying.

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Few bands, regardless of genre, have someone wearing as many hats as singer, mutli-instrumentalist, and songwriter Charles Compo. He has a relatively unusual voice, depending on your point of view, but any jarring effect it has for newcomers ends early on. His writing for the song is one of its unquestionable highlights. “I’ll Be Right Back” startled me. Compo’s singing has such natural, unaffected charisma that it provides quite a jolt when he introduces lyrical vitriol into the track. Compo plays a central role in the band’s music, yes, but make no mistake – “I’ll Be Right Back” has the sound of a band playing, not a glorified solo act.

The Dream Logic’s discography isn’t especially long, but the new single bodes well for their future. They show ample experience at every point in the cut, but they likewise play with the same freshness you hear from debuting acts. There’s no sense of gnawing weariness. Chemistry shoulders responsibility for their magic. This isn’t cut and paste music pandering to the lowest common denominator but, instead, a compelling slice of musical art by three musicians with a common vision.

It’s heartening to hear from another band who won’t let the pandemic stymie their creativity. It doesn’t engage in a direct with this looming invisible hand that’s hung over all our lives for nearly two years but it doesn’t have to. It’s mere existence is a push back against silent lockdown streets and empty public spaces. “I’ll Be Right Back”, in the larger scheme of things, is about how the human voice cannot be stilled. We always need that, pandemic or not, but need it more than ever right now.


The band has enjoyed considerable success despite still boasting a somewhat low profile. The members have played by themselves or together with several high profile artists such as Bruno Mars, D’Angelo, and Christina Aguilera, so they are respected by their peers, but all it takes is that one blowout effort to garner them the recognition they deserve.

Let’s hope this new release is a prelude for more to come in 2022. The Dream Logic are riding a creative wave they can exploit and, perhaps, expand their fan base. They certainly have the necessary skills for appealing to a wide spectrum of music listeners, not just music geeks, and mix those traits with a fierce individual spirit you cannot help but admire. They are burning bright during “I’ll Be Right Back” and their fiery trajectory won’t be cooling or fading out anytime soon.

Garth Thomas

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