With the landscape of our digital world evolving fast, female business owners committed to scaling to new heights are seeking an edge to awaken more impact and cultivate effortless momentum. 

Sustainable success in the new age, requires an upgraded mindset – one of abundance and community. Operating under the guise of results-driven independence, has since been exposed as the precursor to burnout- a fate too often met by even the brightest and most financially successful women in business. 

Kelly O’Neil
 is one of the most sought-after international Brand Positioning Experts, and in her recent episode on The Rhonda Swan Show, she opened up about the power of community. 

“This is the way we are meant to do business as women. There’s more than enough to go around and if we could just help each other and support one another, imagine what we could create in the world.”

She helps her clients reposition themselves as linchpins in the market, to launch innovative brands through market-disrupting platforms, to strategically scale their businesses from 6 to 7 to 8 figures in the process. 

“We are not meant to do this alone, the power of collaboration works!”

The effectiveness of O’Neil’s methodology for collaboration lies in the way that she teaches women to position themselves as a high-value resource and leverage relationships for a mutually beneficial outcome. When women come together and intentionally choose to rise as one, ripples of positivity are sent out into the world, generating exponential reach, impact and income. 

The challenge for most women? Redefining their relationship to collaboration. Especially for those coming from the corporate world where the ‘crabs in the bucket mindset’ is rife, women are being called to embrace a ‘work smarter not harder’ flow which utilizes the power of community and the relationships we consciously cultivate. 

Women must grow beyond the fear-based mindset and lack-mentality to rise together, as amplified by Rhonda’s comment: 

“I remember back in 2004 when I was working with all the men in the digital marketing space. We were learning all the manipulation, the coercion, the buy now, the calls to action. We knew the formula and it did work. It worked for a long time. However, now the veil has been lifted”

“Relationships are rocket ships” according to O’Neil. “If you can focus your business to be based on relationships, supporting the people around you, supporting your clienttell, it’s all going to come back to you 10 fold!”
The art of collaboration requires us to innovate and get comfortable rewriting a fresh way for women to do business in the new world. Here, high net-worth clients are the norm and we “connect by going to each other’s events, sharing about each other on social media, recommending clients to each other.”

O’Neils’ biggest piece of advice: build a better relationship with yourself and do the work to unravel the challenges you might face when it comes to collaborating. The power lives in learning the art to leverage other people’s genius and other people’s networks. 

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Catch this week’s episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTKZCTGzUMQ

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