With the Internet came the power shift of data mining, marketing data, and influential consumer dominance. Nobody knows power like the customer with a cell phone in their hand. They price check, they mine for product data, and locate the best price in a millisecond, or less. Marketing must keep up, or businesses will fail.

There’s really nothing new-concept about this strategy of customization of business practices, but dialing down the data and making it useful is a key concept of marketing strategists. I appreciate Ewel’s approach to decision-making. He puts the process in the hands of the business owner.

Simple. Concise. To the Point.

Ewel makes a profound statement of influence by simplifying the process of putting information in the customer’s hands.

Rethink it. Reimagine it. Rename it.

Agile Marketing is a complete package, the likes of which we haven’t seen in the marketing industry prior to Ewel’s book. This concept driven strategic tome of marketing data profiles the customers who will buy your products, identifies the marketing data needed to find more customers, and profiles customers via their buying data.

MORE ABOUT THE BOOK/AUTHOR: https://www.agilemarketing.net/about/

We get feedback in similar ways on social media and Google. Scanning the Internet for a specific item, then it begins showing up as you sift through the messages on social media. Your friends begin talking about the very item you were looking for, because it’s showing up on their feed too. Internet driven marketing data is relatively new given the concept of Internet. With only a relative few years of establishing buyer patterns in data driven marketing concepts, these agile marketing ideas are profoundly accurate.

As a working software, the development of a manifesto identifying development values is a necessary objective. Agile completely transforms software development with reportedly 97% of respondents to recent surveys. Mind blown. Who knew one software program could reap such high results!

Ewel shares insights validating the precepts of such convention, collaborations with customer focused hierarchies and big-bang companies who will employ such useful strategies.

The pragmatic fact of using rigid data over opinions and conventions allows for more accurate outcomes. This fundamental shift out performs any other segment of marketing applications. I was impressed.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Six-Disciplines-Agile-Marketing/dp/1119712033

Reading through the attributions I recognized names and companies who have applied this Agile Marketing application. These companies are not one-size-fits-all dynamic, so this program has to be individual sensitive to the user. A user friendly marketing application? Who knew! Data drive Agile Marketing concepts bring personalized data to a centric marketing concept.

Overall, I recommend this book and the training included inside these pages. For bigger business, or for entrepreneurs, I see the benefits of industry leaders applying and using this document for data mining customer-centric business options on every layer. I can see this working particularly well in the business-to-business arena where many developers lose focus and miss important facts when seeking specific marketing data. Perhaps the interactive two-way communication in this application will be dominant in a broader spectrum of industries. I can recommend this book.

By John Davis, posted by Garth Thomas