Spreading goodwill and supplying needed items to people and animals in need is what real-life superhero Kadrolsha Ona Carole does every day. How is the COVID19 virus affecting her ability to help others?

I spoke to KO as she is known via zoom for this interview. I found her kind, witty, intelligent and engaging. What follows is an interesting straight talk interview from a remarkable human being.

Has the COVIS19 virus hindered your ability to help others?

First off, I want the ones on the front lines fighting COVID19. I want to thank everyone involved with helping make it easier for people in need during this crisis.

To you question. No, not one bit. I always wear PPE. When working with people you do not know you should always take precautions. I wear them to deliver food to people. Doing shopping for others. For me, I help others including animals every day of the year. This particular situation is hard, but I am still maintaining my mission in helping others. What I miss are the big hugs I give and am given from individual in need. And the licks in the face from the animal I help.

What is the one biggest problem that you encounter on a daily basis while out helping people?

For me it’s people not following the CDC recommendations on social distancing. It totally blows my mind that a simple common sense approach to a killer virus is going ignored. Everywhere I go I see people gathering and standing close together. Like in the grocery store the other day. There are signs to stand 6 feet apart. Not one person was abiding by the signs. People were coughing in their hand and then placing their hands on the handle of the shopping cart and continue shopping. And don’t get me started about wearing masks. That doesn’t exist here. Sad, but true.

How are you dealing with the COVID 19?

Personally, I am taking things seriously. I wash my hands for 20 seconds and don’t touch my face. I have a few masks and rubber gloves. Hey look, my great grandmother taught me personal hygiene the old fashion way with a washcloth and soap. I was taught not to go near people you do not know or that are sick. I was taught to cough in my elbow long before it was popular and never touch your face. Old-fashioned common sense hygiene.

You are a Superhero, but are you frightening in any way?

Actually, I am fearful for others that are not taking this pandemic seriously. Just the other day I was asked to help an elderly neighbor into a car to be taken to a medical appointment. I know this elderly gentleman and have helped him out before. This time was different he was not feeling well. His downstairs neighbor was helping as well. In fact, she was the one who called me for my help. I wore my PPE. The neighbor helping did not. The gentleman did not and he was coughing. I helped him into the car. While I was buckling his seat belt he spits at me. It hit me above my eye. The helping neighbor stood there and laughed saying he spits. He was tested. It was negative for COVID19 and negative for the flu as well, my response is always to help and use protection. Others like my neighbor helping did not take the COVID19 virus seriously. This is exactly how it is spreads. A lack of common sense and not wanting to follow the CDCs guidelines.

You are known for taking the positive out of a negative. What is the positive here?

The positive I take from this horrible COVID19 virus is the fact that people are pulling together and helping each other through this crisis. Money, no money, sexual orientation, and religions. It just doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is helping each other through this. I am so happy to see this happening. We are all humans fighting worldwide for the same thing. Health and combating our common enemy COVID 19. May global comradery continue long after the battle is won.

Kadrolsha is a uniquely interesting individual. She holds the title of being the first person in comic book history to be a superhero doing what she does in real life, between the pages of a comic book among things. Comic book legend Stan Lee congratulated and gave her his blessing. For more information about her movies and projects. Visit https://www.queenoftheparanormal.com