The urban vibe manifested itself during Rockstar Fashion Designer Stevie Boi’s Collection “SK8T”, on February 9, 2020 at New York Fashion Week. Lead Model, and top 100 Fashion influencer Italian born Simonetta Lein rocked the urban scene wearing a Vogue inspired ensemble, braided hair, and cool, Stevie Boi signature sunglasses. Red, White, and Black squares accented by thin black fringes and a bold, black belt marked the costume Simonetta was adorned in as she aced the runway.

I spoke to the super model about her experience during “SK8T”, and New York Fashion Week in general……

From your viewpoint what was it like walking for famous designer Stevie Boi?

It was like being home. Many people reach out to me and they are always very surprised when I talk to them with no problem. They think that because I have been named as one of the top 5 influencers in the world I should be unapproachable. I firmly believe that the more you grow the more you should stay humble, and thank every blessing you receive. Stevie has my same philosophy. He is a very talented man who put together a professional yet kind team. That to me is synonymous of real success. 

How was the event different from anything you’ve ever done?

I had many stylists dedicated to me and what I loved is that they were constantly asking me if I felt good in my outfit or I needed to change something. I truly felt that it was Stevie’s special touch and heart. Also it was the first time I got to open a NYFW show. That special feeling of butterflies in my stomach was different, as I felt responsible for the good start of the show. It was a good feeling and also tested me, I feel even stronger now. 

What kind of vibe did the event hold?

It was an urban grunge type of vibe. My makeup and hair were different from anything else I have ever done and as a model that made me happy, as I could experiment with something different. It was artistic yet contemporary, which I appreciated. 

As an influencer and trendsetter what did you think of his collection?

I think it was futuristic yet sellable, which is something very important for an artist and a designer. His silver touch and plastic inserts made it very particular and bold, and mixed with fashion staples like jackets, miniskirts, and jeans, Stevie Boi created an ensemble of clothes that  people can wear to be seen yet be comfortable and edgy. I also appreciated him being inclusive with a mom and  baby, and different sizes shapes and colors of models which represents the world of today.

What was your take on New York fashion week this year?

Knits are the new normal. Volume and movement. Plaid is back, as we have seen in my outfit. Everyone is going sustainable. I have been advocating for that for a while now and it is so great to see it happening on the runways. 

What was your opinion of the outfit you walked in?

I would definitely wear it for an event or a day of work in the city. Perfect to be elegant but different. A retro style with plaid pattern and irregular fringes, a mini skirt and a top that made me feel so cute and feminine. 

What was the highlight of the event from your point of view?

The show itself was really well done, and that is the major highlight. I think sometimes in fashion we look for too many external components and we forget the basics. A well organized performance leaves the public and buyers happy. He also had performers and a very cool graphic. When I got into my moment and walked for him and I saw the entire room surrounded by waves moving on the wall,  I thought “ this is nothing but the great Stevie Boi.”

Photo Credits: Nicole Tienken