Sugar Addikt is essentially the product of Vocalist, Vanessa Littrell. She blends Trap, House, and Electronica, to arrive at something relatively idiosyncratic. For her recent single, “LMBT1,” or Let Me Be The One, she enlisted Musician and Vocalist, Mario Inchausi. In fact, she has recruited Mario to be featured on her upcoming album as well. Mario has an impressive resume, having worked with iconic names, such as Gladys Knight.


Based out of Seattle, Sugar Addikt offers a pulsating and lively listening experience with “LMBT1.” It’s not exactly your formulaic EDM song, but is reticent enough to be defined by association. Vanessa Littrell has a distinct approach on “LMBT1,” veering from subdued to operatic. Somehow, she manages to never get too far ahead of herself, but her Vocal performance is at times akin to an untamed stallion. You could say that she’s all over the place, but it mostly works.

Interestingly, Mario Inchausi doesn’t seem to be featured on Vocals for “LMBT1.”  His claim to fame, is as a backup singer for names like Shakira and the aforementioned Knight. Perhaps he will have a stronger vocal presence on the upcoming Sugar Addikt album. Therefore, it’s hard to say that it was a missed opportunity to not have his voice on this track or a calculated decision. Nevertheless, Inchausi makes his presence felt from a musical standpoint.

In many ways, “LMBT1” is a lot of fun. It’s slightly chaotic and supercharged from the start. As a Singer, Littrell exudes excitement as she performs, and it’s quite palpable. You can certainly dance to a song like this, but will probably feel most compelled to in a room full of people. “LMBT1,” should perform well on the club circuit. In fact, it’s likely to appeal to international audiences as much as domestic ones, if not more so.

Vanessa Littrell has said that Sugar Addikt’s music is actually inspired by serious and in some cases, uncomfortable themes. Behind the effervescent wall of electronic soundscapes, beats a human heart, that isn’t without scars. It’s these revelations that build more anticipation for the forthcoming album. A band like Sugar Addikt can conceivably take more risks than others. Therefore, the material contained on a full length release, can allow the group to explore much musical ground.


The production and final mix on “LMBT1,” are mostly polished and unblemished. There is a prevailing sense of urgency with the track, heightened by spirited performances. You may not know if you like it or not, upon first impressions, but you certainly won’t ignore it. After listening to “LMBT1,” several times, I’ve come to believe that it isn’t necessarily intended for an EDM audience. Sure, as it relates to texture and presentation, that’s the genre it will be classified under. But the emotions the song can conjure if allowed to, go beyond the desire to simply feel good in the moment. So if you’re looking for something a little different, yet familiar on the surface, let Sugar Addikt be the ones

Garth Thomas