Reading “Stressless Success,” I thought it was another “purpose” book that was a copy of other purpose books. I was surprisedly wrong, and I agree with most of what she said. However, there’s an issue with the foundation of her content. Nearly all “purpose” books ignore THE one major factor which determines your success. What good is good practices and goal setting if you do not understand what your many physical talents are! If you make your life’s goal to sing at Carnegie Hall and can’t carry a tune, you have the wrong life’s goals, this creates more stress in your life.


Knowing your natural talents first is when the rest of “Stressless Success” launches you into your high productivity and your better life. Her first comment, which resonated with me, was this one. “Finally, I realized, that each teaching was a brilliant morsel of wisdom, but it was only once these were expertly placed together in a certain order that I started to truly see results happen in my life.” You build a house from the ground up, not from the top down. Your good, better, and best life steps are to be in a certain order, which increases your productivity and happiness. Follow the right steps in the proper order, but if your steps are not working, find better ones or reorder them. You can change your life. I found a word choice to be an oxymoron. “Positive stress can actually be a good thing when you are excited about something good.” The word stress is negative and gives the impression of being overwhelmed. Some can handle stress and lots of it, others cope, some are overwhelmed with stress because no one taught them how to cope or overcome. But the opposite of stress and coping is not the typical antonyms of “calm, comfort, relax, and serenity.”

You don’t stress your muscles, build and “overcome, challenge, bear, and strengthen” your muscles. You learn to exercise to build new muscles to build a better body just as you build new life habits to build a successful life. Overcome a successful challenge leads you to comfort and confidence, knowing you can handle this level of your life. Now, onto your next step for a better life, it starts with you are what you eat. Your diet and exercise DO impact the rest of your life, and I 100 percent agree with nearly all of her statement, “Wellness is the foundation; energy, positivity, and productivity are the results: the ingredients for a truly stress-free, successful life.” However, her word choice of “truly stressfree” should be replaced not by the idea of “stressless,” no stress, but by “less-stress,” i.e., having less stress in your life. Having better habits reduces stress, but everyone’s life has ups and downs in all of their seasons of life. We learn better habits to have less stress, not no stress when life throws curves at us.

It is when we learn better practices that are congruent with who we are, and then our lives are on the path to successful living. This is the key to living a successful life is her comment, which shows our progression. “I believe in creating a new enjoyable lifestyle that supports a more enjoyable life. Begin by incorporating a few new suggestions at a time until they become a habit.

Written by Kevin Cullis, posted by Garth Thomas