At first exposure, Stingosaurus’ 2020 single, “Nervous,” sounds as though Ed Sheeran found inspiration while on a tropical vacation. It’s a compliment in every sense of the word, because the production on this track is top notch. Christian Iannone, AKA, Stingosaurus is a voice actor and animator. His foray into music is something of a happy accident, but it’s proven to be a natural fit. At 20 years old, he is essentially still a teenager with one toe in the future, making his ingenuity all the more impressive.



“Nervous,” describes that twitchy feeling you get when near your crush. It’s something of an underrated sensation, as we sometimes overlook just how positive nervousness can be. It’s said that when we get nervous, it just means we care. So getting nervous when it comes to love, may just be the purest form of anxiety. Stingosaurus doesn’t get particularly deep on “Nervous,” but he does sing with a hearty sense of sincerity. He is as much of an expert on young love as anyone his age, as he had likely experienced it in real time.

“Nervous” is a well-concocted blend of genres. It’s a song you can dance to and find something meaningful in. Stingosaurus’ innocence shines through the speakers, as does his natural vocal talent. He’s said to be a good mimic, but he finds his own voice on “Nervous.” He cites Charlie Puth as an influence, and it’s moderately apparent that he considers music a secondary endeavor. Few hobbyists produce work of this quality though.

Checkin my texts/feelings of stress/I get so nervous around you. Stingosaurus cuts close to the bone, writing lines that are sure to resonate with his peers. Truth be told, this is a song that can be enjoyed by all age groups. After all, nervousness isn’t exclusive to young people. Of course, there is an electronica presence on “Nervous.” The song’s intentionally spliced up intro, is actually comparable to the title track from Radiohead’s Kid A. Stingosaurus is something of a brainiac and couldn’t hide it if he tried, so he doesn’t.

The quality of the mix on “Nervous,” must once again bestow the credit to Stingosaurus. Not much self-produced work is instantly radio ready, but somehow, Stingosaurus has achieved just that. His technical skill has surely given him an advantage, but there is a beating heart behind the track. He’s certainly a product of his generation, but his credentials would indicate that he sees the world through his own eyes. A modern creator in every sense of the word, Stingosaurus is just getting started.

With “Nervous,” you can simply dance your insecurities away, or at least bask in the relief of knowing you’re not alone. Stingosaurus has written a song for people to feel a little less self-conscious about, and it’s genuinely catchy. How long and how far Stingosaurus’s music goes is anyone’s guess. But what he has accomplished with this project is a moment in his life that will stand the test of time. “Nervous” is available for streaming and download.

Garth Thomas