After the heavy alternative rock band Lost Disciples disbanded in 2010, bass and guitar players, Bobby and Donovan, wanted to go in a different direction. After taking some time off, the two enlisted singer Jorge Caravantes and drummer Steve Benavidez and they formed Stephanie Lane. The band’s name is taken from the El Cajon, CA street where Bobby and Donovan began writing music. From the get-go of their latest album Noah’s Room, you will be immersed in the band’s high-tail energy. 

The albumbegins with “Para Fumar,” where fast and revved drums climb into the gamut of this track. Caravantes’ blood curdling vocals rans through for a pulverizing feel. The music is driven and I loved the band’s hard-hitting sound – a mix of  classic rock with a punk rock energy for a unique sound. The band does a total 180 on “Empire.” This song starts off with some chord progressions from the acoustic guitar. The melody is very meandering. Next, hard-hitting guitars and bass lines strut to the forefront. The music felt very heavy and aggressive.

I was getting some grunge vibes from Caravantes’ vocals. I was reminded of Nirvana here. Driven guitars and drums grab ahold of listeners from the start of “Hooligan’s Delight.” I was getting some punk vibes from the music. Next, the gritty vocals come in for a full-throttle vibe. The jaunty rhythms and tune made for a mix of metal, grunge and country. More gritty guitars take flight on “Trapped.” Caravantes’ grungy vocals sung in Spanish made for a great listen even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics. The guitars were once more hard-hitting here. 

Some acoustic and electric guitar riffs sound out here for a simmering and meandering sound on “Weak.” Caravantes sings the lyrics in a soft coo. It sounded slightly grunge and garage rock sounding. On “Stepping On An X,” a fast drumming beat and some guitar riffs come through. I was getting some spaghetti western vibes. The nitty and gritty sounds were a blast to the ears. The jaunty rhythms really made the sound here. On “Looking Out,” a wall of guitars hit from the get-go.

The feedback is heavy as reverb-drenched guitars and more grab ahold of you. More meandering instrumentals simmer in the backdrop for a gritty vibe on “Dust.” Next, Caravantes’ gritty vocals come in. There was a somber feel to this track as wall-to-wall guitars take the circuit of this track. The band sends us off with this moving closer. 

From the start, Stephanie Lane’s hard-hitting sound will get you riled up in no time. They hit it with fast drums, revved guitars and gritty vocals that will definitely take you there. The band struts in with absolutely no compromise and from the start to finish of the record, there’s no stopping them. A blast from front to back, give this a spin today!

Garth Thomas