We all dream of a fairytale kind of love where you lock eyes — with a certain person and instantly know they are the one. Though a concept more frequent in films than real life, San Diego’s Star2 makes us believe that storybook love exists and is a real possibility. “Thinkin Bout You,” Star2’s hit single and video, gives romantics just what they crave. The laid-back tune’s breezy energy and silky, smooth vocals instantly melt hearts. Evoking vibes of Akon mixed with the sentimental lyrical feel of The Plain White T’s, this bold song is a pure pop of acoustic-guitar pleasure. The tune is the perfect bop for anyone who has a special someone on their mind.

The visuals possess that same passionate essence. In the piece, Star2 is a Los Angeles Lyft driver. The video, directed by Hector Toro, opens as he is picking up a mysterious female hidden by an Audrey Hepburn style hat and sunglasses. As if through divine destiny, he comes across that same girl online not realizing she is the person from before. The singer falls fast…he cannot get her off his brain. He texts non-stop and is obsessed. This is brilliantly illustrated as his imagination runs wild with thoughts of the alluring woman who seems to come to life morning, noon, and night.  “I wanted people to feel the rush when your crush texts you back and you can’t stop smiling, and you can’t wait another second to see each other.” The fairytale has a happy ending and we cheer for Star2 when he gets the girl!

“Making the video was a blast.  Lexi Torres (the model) was so cute and fun! It was raining lightly during the shoot and there was a lot of running to stay dry – but it kept everyone high energy.  At the end, the director had me ham it up in the shower- singing the song without my shirt and sticking my head out of the shower door.  It made it to the credits of the video. Hella fun! It even inspired a singing-in-the-shower Tik Tok Challenge using the song” 

Star2 is a tenacious talent who courageously goes after what he wants. Growing up in poverty as a refugee with an uncle addicted to drugs, he used music as an escape. Influenced by greats like Justin Bieber and Tyga, his charismatic hip-hop/pop sound shines through. His raw intensity paired with a genuine softness makes his style so unique. It is not often you find a man so willing to wear his heart on his sleeve. It is so endearing to see Star2’s complete vulnerability in this intimate offering– an infectious song that leaves you wanting to listen again and again. Hundreds of Tik Toks and Reels have used it to document romantic love, family life, animals of all kinds, dancing, pencil drawings, coffee/latte art, cooking, cartoons, and superheroes.

An extremely versatile artist, “Thinkin Bout You” follows Star2’s reggae-based hit single “December,” his rap banger “Real Life” with Lil Poppa, and broken-hearted love ballad I Wanna Get F’d Up, with megastar Luh Kel.  It is the fouth track on his “Real Life” EP set to release in March.