A late night tryst starts with something strong. No, I’m not talking about a strong drink, but rather, hip hop’s Keish Strong. Her new hit “Special Delivery” has all the makings of a sensual, frisky night. Strong’s Detroit-sound and smooth cadence makes this groove one that is unforgettable and mood setting. Maybe it’s foreplay or maybe it’s just for play, but “Special Delivery” is one catchy track.

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“Special Delivery” is pretty quick to sing along to. Strong has a way of singing/rapping style that feels very fresh and almost as if she’s in the same room as you. There’s no weird sound barrier or over rapping. She’s just slick and tells it like it is. Her dream date is about to go down, and she’s reading some drinks, pink lingerie and all of her loving. I got a special delivery, special delivery is the chorus. It’s the prelude to what I have planned for you, Strong says. She doesn’t incorporate many lyrics, but the chorus is just tops.

The backing music pulsates and throbs. Yes, you read that right. It’s the tantalizing beat that you would expect from such an amorous track. I thought it grand when towards the end of the track, actually about midway, Strong classes up the mood with some piano keys. In the distance you can hear her moaning. It’s not overkill and it’s quite in pace with the rhythm. The backing groove really solidifies this track as both modern and old-school throwback hip hop. It’s quite creative. She certainly sticks with an overall theme and capitalizes on her talents with the mood-setting and the illicit lyrics. I think if you’re looking for a more sentimental love song, this won’t be exactly what you have in mind, but it’s certainly romantic in its own charming way. Strong is magnetic. Her presence is confident. I wanted to hear more of her rapping, more of her lyrics. I think this song is well, strong, but I’d like to hear more songs with a different depth. I know what she’s like in the bedroom, now I want to know what her heart is saying; what is her soul searching for?

HEAR NOW: https://keishstrong.hearnow.com/special-delivery

In her press materials, Strong states that music is an escape for her and she had a challenging upbringing. I think I had that on my mind while listening to the track for the first time, and didn’t get that feeling or sentiment from “Special Delivery”. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way and this is her way of being empowered. She’s in control of the mic and in the bedroom. Again, I’d like to hear more of her story in her lyrics and in her music. I will have to be patient, as her album Doin’ My Thang album arrives soon. I love the title, it fits perfectly for this exciting new artist that seems to just be in heaven doing her thing, being who she wants and delivering a solid track. “Special Delivery” is one of 2020’s most infectious songs.

Garth Thomas

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