The new single by, Singer/Rapper/Actress, Intelligent Diva, “Sex To A Sax” is about as literal as it gets. There’s not much to break down in regards to any symbolism or gravitas of the piece. Intelligent Diva is as forward as one can be, and shows no restraint in her expression as an uninhibited female in the modern era. As for the songs entertainment value, that is less debatable. Intelligent Diva is as audacious as they come, and the mere juxtaposition of her name is enough to incite either guffaw or a sly smile.


Intelligent Diva might be one of the hardest working women in all of show business. The amount of hats she wears is enough to make any fellow diva, fume with envy. From upcoming film projects, in which she has prominent roles, including one alongside the late Tiny Lister. JR, to her day job, ID is operating at Vince McMahon levels of productivity. One of the most remarkable aspects about all this is that, Intelligent Diva describes her life as if it’s a completely natural state of being. It’s been said, that when you are truly good at something, you just assume everyone else is as well, it seems the same could be said for work ethic.

It may come as a surprise to some, just how lascivious, ID’s music is. She readily admits that her music is targeted at an adult audience, and she seems to be progressing further in that direction. Much like the iconoclastic, Peaches, Intelligent Diva is flipping the script, so to speak, and assuming the role of erotic provocateur, in the context of her art. In the most obtrusive sense of the word, being so direct and uncensored is empowering for female artists. Women have spent decades subjected to being marginalized and objectified, and are still unlikely to be accepted as the initiator in certain segments of society .

“Sex To A Sax,” features Aaron Bing on saxophone, of course. His work is dense and impassioned, to say the least. Intelligent Diva, for her part, rises to the occasion and matches Bing’s intensity, every step of the way. In fact, it might actually be the other way around, if not for Bing seemingly attempting to discard a lung, in the process of his track. Overall, both Bing and ID bring everything they have for their respective performances, and it benefits as a result.


Note for note, this is one of ID’s finest efforts to date. Though a magnet for controversy, she is showing an unwavering commitment to her vision, and making very few compromises in the process. Intelligent Diva’s resilience and defiance are seemingly infinite, as she continues to overcome all preexisting stigmas. Her music is an extension of her audacious persona, and she uses it to her full advantage. The day of the Diva, hasn’t quite struck midnight, just yet.

Garth Thomas

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