Celebrity TV Host and Top Women Influencer Simonetta Lein and BOLD TV launched the “The Simonetta Lein Show,” an Al Roker production, in March 2020. The show opened with NYFW founder Fern Mallis at the BOLD TV Studio in Times Square, New York. By the time four episodes were covered with celebrity guests, the COVID-19 outbreak enforced state-wide shutdown. However, as a passionate presenter, Simonetta Lein continues to bring the latest episodes from her home since April 2020.

We sat down with Simonetta Lein to discuss her new show and her career as one of the biggest influencers on the planet: 

How did you come to do the show on Bold TV?

I was interviewed by BOLD TV back in January 2020. After the interview, my team and I discussed the idea of doing The Simonetta Lein Show with the producers of Bold TV. I was very excited about the idea and we got the green light to move forward.  Little did I know that the world would hit aa historical crisis with the pandemic,  and I had to find ways to continue the show, as right after the first filming we were  put on a quarantine. I was very surprised by the fact that we found a way to continue producing a great show and the interest by A-List celebrities to be guests was amazing. 2020 has been full of surprises. 

What is the premise of the show?

To interview activists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and fashion moguls, outlining tips and trends while producing valuable content for my fans and followers. 

What topics do you enjoy covering with your guests?

I love to learn useful things from all of them, as well as getting informed about celebrities’ backgrounds and the driving force behind their success. I truly enjoy getting into their homes as it gives me a different and more human approach to them as well as I let my fans get inside my home. I think that for a show that has survived during a quarantine the sky is the limit.

What does being a TV show host mean to you?

I love to make my guests comfortable. To me, being a host means to allow guests who come on my show to give their best. There is so much hate and division out in the world, my mission is to bring joy as much as I can and being a host gives me that opportunity.

Do you have a favorite episode or two?

I have been blessed to have celebrities such as Kim Sledge, Robert Davi, Kevin Sorbo, Jay Shetty, Ted Gibson and so many more. I have enjoyed all of them for different reasons. I have learned all about them and I personally got inspired from their careers, and I got valuable tips on communication for instance from Jay Shetty, or how to manage your hairstyle during a quarantine from Ted Gibson, or how to still look pretty during a quarantine from Africa Miranda. I sang with Kim Sledge and talked in Italian with Robert Davi, and I have explored how the world of fashion will go on with Stevie Boi. Every episode is unique and has great insights. I’m very grateful to my guests, the production of Bold TV and my fans for making this happen.

Congrats in being named one of the top influencers on the planet, how did that come about?

At the beginning of the year my work on women empowerment became highly rewarded and granted me to be named of one of the top five most powerful women in fashion together with Anna Wintour, DVF, Donna Karan and Vera Wang. From there the efforts of continuing my show during the quarantine did not get unnoticed. That brought me to be recognized as one of the top nine power women in the world by USA Today. What makes me prouder is the fact that every recognition comes after a meaningful effort I put into this world. My message is to do you, always keeping in mind the bigger picture of what legacy you are leaving. Karma is real.

What have been your biggest challenges in becoming a top influencer, and how did you overcome them?

It has been hard to maintain my mental health balance while being always in the spotlight and having to worry about people’s reactions and opinions. The same process taught me to be concerned about what I am actually giving back as an influencer, instead of thinking about what others might think. That is been a great learning experience for me also as a human being. I have learned that there are way more excepting and non-judgemental people in the world, way more than we might think. Quarantine taught  all of us to take it easy on ourselves and on others, and if I can bring one only thing from these testing times, it  would be the feeling that you are OK even if you are in sweatpants or not perfect. Let’s make kindness a new trend.

What does being an influencer mean to you?

It means to have a responsibility towards my fans and followers and to strive to be a positive example. It is definitely challenging and also an honor to serve and give back as much as I can.

Aside from being an influencer and a TV host what are you also focusing on currently?

I am also focusing on my foundation‘s  work (the Wishwall Foundation) and on my company Ausonia Partners LLC, in it’s transition period to the new norm. The world has changed, and I have been adapting to keep everyone around me afloat and safe.

What is next for Simonetta when the air clears in our brand new world? 

I am excited to go back to the studios to record my TV show and to see my team face to face, after months being via remote only. If we survived during a quarantine we can do anything. I am excited for what’s next.

“The Simonetta Lein Show” via BOLD TV can be viewed on https://www.instagram.com/SimonettaLein